London Lite Tuesday, 28 July 2009 19 fancyapizzame? Making a meal of it: Tam and Divan had fun preparing and baking their own pizzas POSH DATE Email your restaurant reviews to A cut above: gourmet steak at Goodman MY BOYFRIENDS a big MasterChef geek and also a fan of steak -- who isnt? So when Tony Hadley cooked up a storm at Goodman (26 Maddox Street, W1, 020 7499 3776) on Celebrity MasterChef, I booked a table. The sophisticated gourmet steak restaurant isnt an immediately obvious place for a hot date. Most of the other people there seemed to be American businessmen, but the corner booths allow you to get close to your beau and the food does the talking if your date wont. Before wed even tucked into our bottle of Malbec (28) or our starters (I opted for the chicken liver and foie gras pt, and he had the traditional Russian sweet herring, both 7.50, both delicious), a plate with the different cuts of meat available was brought to our table by our friendly waitress. I conservatively ordered a 250g Australian steak (25) while my date spotted an 800g Porterhouse steak (52) on the specials menu, which Im pretty sure is meant to share. But the tender meat, rich stilton sauce and crispy chips were so irresistible we both managed to finish our food, though we skipped the desserts, which is almost more surprising. And while the amount consumed wasnt conducive to a frisky night, neither of us were hungry until dinner the next day. Bargain! JUNE, SW1 loved travelling and had a good time meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. I definitely do like independent girls who are happy to do their own thing and not depend on someone else -- its a good characteristic in a girl. She has family in South Africa so has spent some time in my home country, too. She looked at me strangely when I mentioned barbecues during conversation. She corrected me and said as an Afrikaner I should call it a braai like we do at home. That was a nice homely touch as I normally try hard to call things by their English name -- it was good to feel relaxed around her in small ways like that. The pizza venue was a great date idea. I think I struggled more with spinning the base but as Id flown in early that morning from holiday my hands were a little shaky from the lack of sleep -- that was my excuse anyway. Im not into cooking much as Im a bit lazy but I dont think Im too bad. Tam seemed like she was very much the chef, though, and seemed able to make quite a few dishes including a few South African desserts, which was a surprise. We both have a similar attitude to life and it was nice to meet someone on a similar wavelength. Its hard to say if there was any chemistry as it was only one date but we did have a really good time on the night and swapped numbers at the end. There were no problems with having a decent conversation so I suppose there must be something there. Its possible well meet up again so well see how it goes. Dough Your Own, Pontis Italian Kitchen pizza-making, is available Monday to Wednesday, 15 per person, and includes pizza, glass of prosecco and ice cream for dessert. Book in advance. Pontis Italian Kitchen, 54 Duke Street, W1 (020 7629 3174, INTERVIEW BY SHARON BRENNAN Loser saved me from my ex-fella Imafool,but mysterygirl isagoodcall Twosingletonsshare theirsearchforlovePlaying thefield I TEND to be filled with dread when a friend is convinced shes found me the perfect guy. If hes so perfect, why is he single and in need of being set up? But never say never is my motto, so I reluctantly agreed to meet Ben. I instantly knew we were never going to be a match made in heaven. This is so often the way on a blind date. Till you actually meet someone, how can you know if therell be an attraction? When you meet a guy who is right for you, its obvious straightaway. And if that spark isnt there, as with Ben, everything grates: his friendly smile appeared to me as a smug grin, his chivalry was tiresome. Just get this over with quickly, I thought. And -- the golden rule of first dates -- just hope you dont bump into anyone you know. It was about 10 minutes in, just as Ben had brashly ordered champagne and was sidling a little too close to me, when I looked up to see the ex-boyfriend walk into the restaurant. With The New Girlfriend. I willed the ground to open up and swallow me -- but they had spotted us. He waved and they started to walk towards us. Hi! said The New Girlfriend, flicking her glossy hair and smiling down at me patronisingly, Sooooooo nice to see you again! After introductions, the inevitable question came. So, how do you guys know each other, hope we havent interrupted a first date here!? The New Girlfriend was positively revelling in the upper hand. I paused for a second too long trying to think of something clever, but Ben cut in: Oh were old family friends, just catching up actually. I looked at him in astonishment -- he had saved me from mortification Perhaps I had judged him too swiftly? I could have kissed him. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.COM/ROMILLY_LITE A S IF to underline just how useless I can be, I went on a date this week without knowing who had asked me out. Id received a text from an unknown number asking if I was up for a drink. I thought it was an ex whose number I had deleted. Were just back on speaking terms, so I didnt want to provoke anything by admitting she had been expelled from my contacts. So I replied. And engaged in light chit-chat. And set up a date. Only then did I wonder if I had correctly identified this girl. I texted a mutual friend to ask for my exs number. Youve guessed it: not even close. What to do? I was too intrigued to wriggle my way out of it so off I went on my strange blind date. What if it was a long-term target finally single? Or a secret admirer? God, what if it was a bloke? And then I spotted her. Jackpot! Id met her two years ago, wed got on well but nothing happened as we were savedLoser theybut--meswallowandupopen Romilly Chambers butfool,aIm Charlie Parrish pizzasowntheirbakingandpreparingfunhadDivanandTamit:ofmealaMaking thinkIidea.dategreatawasvenue thespinningwithmorestruggledI numbers at the end. There were both involved. Now things were different. Even if I had completely forgotten her existence until seconds ago. Improbably, the date was great. I can recommend inadvertently not knowing exactly who youve agreed to see. It makes things far more exciting. I did wonder if I should admit my idiotic predicament, but I didnt have to. You werent sure who I was, were you? she asked. Those weird texts you sent trying to get information from me and your face when you spotted me earlier confirmed it. I was speechless. Youre an idiot, she smirked. 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