IN&OUTTONIGHT 18 Tuesday, 28 July 2009 London Lite day of the date as he had just got back from Prague that morning, but he was still very good company in spite of his tiredness. We talked about everything. We meandered on to work a little and ended up discussing our five-year plans and Divan was also very interested in my recent travels. Overall, he came across as well brought- up and quite gentlemanly. We swapped numbers at the end of the evening and have sent a few texts since. I dont know if he fancies me but I thought he was really nice. Were still in the text stage of contact so Im not sure if were planning to meet again but he was keen to have my number so well see how it goes. TAM was there first. I recognised her immediately -- I thought she was very pretty in her photo and she looked exactly like that in real life. I chose her as she is very attractive and has done some travelling in Africa. Not a lot of British people choose to go there, so as I come from South Africa, I was interested in her reasons for travelling around that continent. We talked a lot about her adventures. I think she absolutely Didshe LOVE HESAYS: Single FILEWhat happened when we sent two Lite readers for a date creating their own pizza? DIVAN GERBER, a 25-year-old compliance executive from South Woodford, chose to date Tam Boutelje, a 26-year-old stylist from Islington, as he liked the fact shed done a lot of travelling in Africa. We sent them pizza-making to see if they could stand the heat in the kitchen. I WAS there a few minutes before Divan and when he arrived he did look exactly like his photo. I wrote in to date Divan as he was very cute with a nice smile and I just thought, why not? I also liked the last book he read, Obamas Dreams Of My Father, although Ive not read it myself. On the night, we decided we were more into music than books and agreed that tells you more about a person. He likes rock music and Im into that, too, plus he plays guitar, which I thought was quite cool. We were booked to create and eat our own pizza at Pontis Italian Kitchen. It was a really fun activity even though we got quite competitive when spinning our dough bases in the air to help flatten them. We loaded our pizzas with plenty of cool ingredients -- I did lots of cheeses with tuna and basil and Divan went all-out with the meat on his. I think my spinning was better than Divans as my pizza came out of the oven looking slightly bigger. Divan preferred talking to me during the pizza-making rather than concentrat- ing on just trying to make the perfect pizza -- an attitude that impressed me. He came across as a really genuine guy. He asked a lot of questions and really listened to what I had to say. We got on well in terms of things in common. Hes South African and I was born there. Although Ive spent most of my life in the UK I understand the country he is from and we had a good connection in that way. I asked about his name as it is quite unusual. Id pretty much guessed it was Afrikaans and it turned out I was right. We had a giggle that we both have unusual names that people struggle to pronounce. Divan had had one hours sleep on the SHESAYS: Fancy going on a date with this hottie, courtesy of Lite? FOR A CHANCE TO DATE THIS SINGLETON, EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS TO THE SAME PROFILE QUESTIONS, PLUS A PHOTO AND YOUR MOBILE NO, TO: Looking for love in London? Thousands are looking for you at Fiery food: dining at Bayswaters Masala Zone CHEAP DATE HAVING been dragged around Whiteleys by my girlfriend, I was in no mood to eat there so demanded we go elsewhere -- but considering how much shed spent it was going to have to be cheap. Then I spotted a new branch of the Masala Zone (75 Bishops Bridge Road, W2, 020 7221 0055). One wall is decorated with pop art-style posters that our waiter said were blown-up versions of labels from Indian firecrackers. We began with chicken samosas with curried chickpeas and dahi puri (puffed biscuits filled with chickpeas, splashed with yogurt and served with chutneys). The girlfriend had tandoori king prawns with ginger, coriander and mint and I went for chicken mangalore with coconut and tomato. Even with a Cobra each we wouldnt have spent 20 if she hadnt wanted to share a mango fool for dessert... NEIL, W14 Hungryforromance,our couplehaveahottime cookingupadishfor two NAME: Benjamin Hall AGE: 27 OCCUPATION: Journalist and film-maker RELATIONSHIP HISTORY: Mostly short-term CELEB CRUSH: Grace Kelly LAST HOLIDAY I WENT ON: Portugal for a week then Glastonbury PERFECT LONDON NIGHT OUT: Lively dinner with friends followed by a long night out LAST BOOK I READ: The Wonga Coup by Adam Roberts WHAT IM LOOKING FOR IN A GIRL: Someone inquisitive, who appreciates every day and doesnt take themselves too seriously Premier Direct Current Account: Limit of one current account from our Premier range per person. Applicants may not apply for a Premier account which they currently hold or have held in the past 3 months. Applicants must be a UK resident. (Channel Island and Isle of Man residents are excluded). Account opening depends on your circumstances. Offer subject to availability. 5.84% gross/6.00% AER (fixed) for 1 year. 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