STARS & PUZZLES PUZZLES&FUN London Lite Monday, 27 July 2009 27 Intheright-handpicture,Rachelsearringismissing,herskirtcovers moreofherleg,hershoeismissingastrap,theribbononhertrophyis greenandthe9ismissingfromhersash Waste no time worrying over whether the exciting developments in your life will upset others. Whatever the resulting disarray, they wont mind. The only mistake you could make is to underplay the extent of the changes needed and the reasons for them. Be frank about those, and the rest will fall easily into place. One particular arrangement once aroused passionate feelings, but it is now increasingly frustrating. Only once you stop hoping you can restore this particular element of the past can you concentrate on the present. Bizarrely, this is also the only way it could be brought back to life. Challenging as the practical matters youve been facing may have seemed, the real problem has been the obstructive attitude of one or two rather stubborn individuals. It would appear youve finally got through to them. Enough, in fact, that instead of battling your plans and ideas, theyre now prepared to support them. Your initial reaction to the sudden announcement by somebody close to you that theyre reviewing certain joint arrangements is bound to be negative. You feel that it raises questions about their intentions. But actually, their focus is on the future, and where improvements could be made. It might be that you feel more comfortable doing things for others than having them spoil you. Or you may be concerned about the decisions some individuals are likely to make on your behalf. Whatever the case, since youve no choice but to leave certain matters in their hands, you might as well just try trusting them. Recognising that certain arrangements cant continue is bound to be a disappointment. However, this isnt the end of the road. Its just an acknowledgement that as circumstances shift, so too must even the most enduring of relationships. Its time to start preparing for a new beginning. When dealing with recent dramatic shifts in circumstance, you thought youd considered everything. But you couldnt have taken into account the sudden change of heart by somebody youve relied on. Disappointing as this is, its better that you know now rather than later. At your most creative, youre great at coming up with ideas. And with your ruler Mercury aspecting both the expansive Jupiter and also Neptune, what you devise could be sheer genius. However, because the rest of the world isnt benefiting from the same planetary aspects, others may require you to give lengthy explanations. Dont allow the intensity of your feelings about certain plans or ideas to give the impression that youre not open to alternatives. Some of what others have come up with recently would suit you perfectly. But if they think you wouldnt be interested, they wont even bother to mention it. For ages now youve been trying to eliminate obligations that are frustrating as well as restrictive. But the eclipse shook things up enough that, finally, others are being forced to admit something must be done. While youll probably have to lead the way, at least theyll be happy to make the necessary changes. There have been too many times in your life when youve half-listened to what others were saying, only to discover later that youd missed something important or embarrassing. Bear this in mind now, or just when your mind wanders, certain people could be discussing facts that arent just significant, theyre vital. Answer:burr-knee-maid-off(disgracedfinancerBernieMadoff) No 602 ACROSS: 1. Happen (5) 4. In addition (7) 8. Betrayer (7) 9. Zest (5) 10. Rid (4) 11. Trader (8) 13. Munch (4) 14. Let it stand (4) 16. Maintain (8) 17. Support (4) 20. Sluggish (5) 21. Disclose (7) 22. Beg (7) 23. Finished (5) DOWN: 1. Rusty (3,2,8) 2. Pursue (5) 3. Scold (4) 4. Trade by exchange (6) 5. wisdom (8) 6. Far (7) 7. Lacking self- control (5-8) 12. Disparage (8) 13. Vanity (7) 15. Majestic (6) 18. Wandered (5) 19. Pain (4) Fridays solution No 601 Across: 3 Transport; 8 Espy; 9 Stretched; 10 Fleece; 11 Cycle; 14 Radio; 15 Edge; 16 Plays; 18 Thud; 20 Tacit; 21 Roost; 24 Fasten; 25 Frightful; 26 Soon; 27 Sternness. Down: 1 Perforate; 2 Splendour; 4 Rite; 5 Needy; 6 Pickle; 7 Reel; 9 Scoop; 11 Chart; 12 Education; 13 Pertinent; 17 Steal; 19 Dodger; 22 Satin; 23 Fret; 24 Fuss.Answers tomorrow STARSShelley von Strunckel Forecasts whats in the stars for you For your weekly in-depth forecast, call the number next to your star sign Aries Call 0906 650 5430 21 March-19 April Taurus Call 0906 650 5431 20 April-20 May Gemini Call 0906 650 5432 21 May-20 June Cancer Call 0906 650 5433 21 June-22 July Leo Call 0906 650 5434 23 July-22 August Virgo Call 0906 650 5435 23 August-22 September Libra Call 0906 650 5436 23 September-22 October Scorpio Call 0906 650 5437 23 October-21 November Sagittarius Call 0906 650 5438 22 November-21 December Capricorn Call 0906 650 5439 22 December-19 January Aquarius Call 0906 650 5440 20 January-18 February Pisces Call 0906 650 5441 19 February-20 March Libra Call 0906 650 5436 23 September-22 October Jonty Clark LiteCrossword Splitpersonality Can you work out the name of the famous person from these pictures? Witnessing the struggles of one particular individual is difficult enough. But their refusal to listen to advice is making it even worse for you. Let them know you care and want the best for them. Then tell them youre sure theyll handle things wisely, even if you really dont believe it. Alteredimage Spot five differences in these pictures of Miss England Rachel Christie. Answers below Scribblepad ARIES 0906 8336 504 TAURUS 0906 8336 505 GEMINI 0906 8336 506 CANCER 0906 8336 507 LEO 0906 8336 508 VIRGO 0906 8336 509 LIBRA 0906 8336 510 SCORPIO 0906 8336 511 SAGITTARIUS 0906 8336 512 CAPRICORN 0906 8336 501 AQUARIUS 0906 8336 502 PISCES 0906 8336 503 Foryourmonthlyforecastcall: Calls cost 60p per minute. The astro-line horoscopes are updated every Friday Live Astrology: Now you can speak to one of Shelleys professional astrologers live. Call 09064 001016* for a one-to-one consultation with Britains finest astrologers. Or send a text with any question you may need guidance with. 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