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Jack examines a case undertaken by a deceased colleague, who was convinced that the alleged suicide of a journalist was a cover-up by the American government. Enlisting the help of a UFO-spotter, the team discovers the reporter witnessed a mysterious air crash near a US Air Force base. Guest starring Glynis Barber and Mark Williams. 11.35 Half Nelson (S) (2006). A drug-addicted teacher working in an inner-city school forms an unlikely bond with one of his pupils. Drama, starring Ryan Gosling, Shareeka Epps and Anthony Mackie. Followed by Holiday Weather. 1.20 Sign Zone: Panorama (R,S). The future of the steel industry. 1.50 Sign Zone: Gregg Wallaces Recession Bites (R,S). 2.20 Sign Zone: The Best Job In The World (R,S). 3.20 Sign Zone: Heir Hunters (R,S). 4.05 BBC News (S). Mark Williams 9pm, New Tricks BBC1 11AM 6PM 7PM 8PM 9PM 10PM 11PM 24 Thursday, 23 July 2009 London Lite Sizing up the headshrinkers Headshrinkers Of The Amazon -- Revealed Five, 8pm Question Time BBC1, 10.35pm ORDINARILy, only a political trainspotter would linger more than a moment flicking between channels on Question Time, but tonights appearance on the panel by Clive James, right, may for once make it worthwhile. The Australian can exhibit an abundance of wit and common sense on just about any subject under the sun, and with a bit of luck, hell off-set the point-scoring droning of his fellow guests. The Man Who Didnt Cry: Real Crime ITV1, 10.35pm BRITON Neil Entwistle was chased across the Atlantic in 2006 after his wife Rachel and nine-month-old baby Lillian were found dead in their Massachusetts home. What had seemed the perfect family was terminated without warning or apparent reason. The facts of Entwistles hidden life only emerged with considerable detective work, and even now psychiatrists can only guess at the workings of the convicted killer. Here the sight of Lillians babygrow, a neat bullet-hole over where her heart would have been, will not easily be forgotten. S hould you believe that head-shrinking only happens inside the pages of a Tintin adventure, youve got another think coming. Piers Gibbon, an old-school explorer of the stiff upper-lip variety and a most illuminating presenter, has uncovered a 50- year-old film of the native ritual taken somewhere in the north-west Amazon. Now he sets off for the border region between Ecuador and Peru to discover if what he has seen is fake or true. The practice of head-shrinking -- or tsantsa -- is peculiar to one people and one people only: the Shuar, a warrior nation so fearsome that they alone did not succumb to the rule of the Spanish conquistadors inHeady stuff: Piers Gibbon shows a Shuar archive footage EastEnders BBC1, 7.30pm LAUREN (Madeline Duggan, right) and Abi decide to take advantage of Max and get him to give them a treat. Out on a bowling outing, things seem to be going well -- until an unusual accident brings matters to a swift end. Meanwhile, Jean is concerned by Stacey and wonders what she can do to help. feel at the sight of a human head being boiled down to the size of a fist. The secret is to use stones or sand to remove the fat, apparently, and the head then has its eyes sewn shut and lips sealed with wooden pins. one schoolteacher in the community even calls the tsantsa beautiful and is as dewy-eyed about how the knowledge to make them has fallen into abeyance as if he were talking of stoneground baked bread. As to the reason head-shrink- ing happened at all, it may not have been an instrument of war, as was once thought, but instead a demonstrative way to punish crime. You have to admit, it beats an Asbo hands down. PREVIEW BEN FELSENBURG the 16th century. deep in the rainforest, Gibbon doesnt meet anyone among them who admits to continuing the tradition, but they are still proud of the ways of their ancestors. The locals watch the old foot- age he shows them on dVd with glad curiosity, rather than the revul- sion most of us might IN&OUTTONIGHT Mark the shows you love. See your own personal TV schedule. Share with your friends. Just text LL TV to 65400 Texts to 65400 are charged at standard rate. The service connects to the internet; data is charged at your operators standard rate. Free from London Lite TONIGHTSTV 8.00 As Seen On TV (S). 2/8. Diane Parish, Rufus Hound, Kate Garraway and John Craven join presenter Steve Jones and team captains Fern Britton and Jason Manford. 8.30 The Rat Pack (S). 1/6. New series. Following pest controllers Ricky and Jimmy Clark as they tackle rodents, cockroaches, and pigeons, with help from Charlie, their Jack Russell terrier. 10.00 BBC News (S). 10.25 BBC Regional News (S); Weather. 10.35 Question Time (S). 38/38. Topical debate from Norwich, Norfolk, with former Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon, Shadow Community Cohesion Minister Sayeeda Warsi and broadcaster Clive James. Last in the series. See Ben Felsenburg RegisteredcharityNo1089464 How far will you go to beat cancer? Supported by Join a Cancer Research UK Run 10k and get sponsored, and you will help save lives. 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