IN&OUTTONIGHT Mark the shows you love. See your own personal TV schedule. Share with your friends. Just text LL TV to 65400 Texts to 65400 are charged at standard rate. The service connects to the internet; data is charged at your operators standard rate. Free from London Lite BBC1TONIGHTSTV 20 Tuesday, 21 July 2009 London Lite 8PM 9PM 11PM 10PM 7PM 11AMPainters in the frame for fame Desperate Romantics BBC2, 9pm The Truth About Crime BBC1, 9pm After years telling the nation about the offences being committed on our streets in his former capacity as the presenter of Crimewatch, Nick ross, right, now fronts this three-part documentary on the causes of crime, tonight beginning with an examination of the link between alcohol and violent offences. With renowned crime specialist roger Graef as producer and drawing upon scientists as well as police for expertise, it offers authoritative insight far beyond the usual copsncameras fare. Imagine BBC1, 10.35pm PubliC funding of the arts may sound like a cure for insomnia as a subject, but this two-part documentary is both a stimulating look back through history and a lively debate about current issues for anyone who cares about where culture is going. Alan Yentob asks what the effect of the recession will be, and he finds that in Depression- era America, one of the silver linings to that enormous economic storm cloud was the New Deal programme that helped so many artists. theres hope today, too, and Giorgio Armani proves to be a benefactor of the arts for a school in the bronx. T H E P r e - R a p h ae l i t e Brotherhood may sound like the next must- download indie outfit (Im thinking old school Casio keyboards flanked by a double- balalaika attack). Yet art swots will tell you these were the radical British painters who 150 years a go produced intoxicatingly romantic and sensual images still adored by gallery-goers (and poster shop customers) today. And if they do sound like a music group, thats not so wrong, for in this six-part series the painters lives seem very, very rocknroll: young men with shaggy hair band together to make it, and my if they dont look the part as they stride along together in theirArt: Lizzie Siddal (Amy Manson) and Rossetti (Aidan Turner) EastEnders BBC1, 7.30pm After a cut on her head Stacey (lacey turner) ends up in hospital. but what should be nothing out of the ordinary is the occasion for a revelation from Jean with disturbing implications for Staceys future. Meanwhile, Whitney finds out who the mysterious man is, and Debra knows a lot more about him than she admits. way its told at a rollicking, knockabout pace. Writer Peter Bowker, who made such an impact with the re c e n t I r aq wa r d r a m a Occupation, has concocted a fabulous entertainment around the lives of rakish Dante Gabrielle Rossetti (smouldering Aidan Turner) and his fellow artists. The facts are just a starting point for further embel- lishment and not every moment is gospel truth, but those flights of the imagination are quite in keeping with the spirit of the Pre-Raphaelites themselves. The act of painting may not be exciting to watch, but these young men dont stint on beauty made flesh either, particularly artists supermodel Lizzie Siddal and writer John Ruskins sexu- ally frustrated wife. Bare bodies should comfortably outnumber bare canvases very soon. 11.00 to buy Or Not to buy (r,S). 11.30 trash to Cash (S); bbC News; Weather. 12.30 Cash in the Attic (r,S). 1.00 bbC News; Weather (S). 1.30 regional News And Weather (S). 1.45 Doctors (S). 2.15 Diagnosis Murder (r,S). A soap star is murdered. 3.00 bbC News; Weather; regional News (S). 3.05 Mister Maker (r,S). 3.25 bear behaving badly (r,S). 3.50 league Of Super evil (S). 4.00 thumb Wrestling federation: tWf (r,S). 4.05 Sam And Marks Guide to Dodging Disaster (r,S). 4.35 Clash (S,HD). 5.00 Newsround (S). 5.15 Weakest link (S). 7.00 The One Show (S). Adrian Chiles and Christine bleakley present the live topical show. 7.30 EastEnders (S). Whitney is stunned when her acquaintance reveals he is her brother and Debra confirms it, while Stacey opens up to a psychiatrist about her recent behaviour. See Soap Box followed by BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 Holby City (S). 40/52. Donna struggles to accept rics diagnosis that her fathers cancer is terminal and seeks a second opinion. Penny (emma Catherwood) wants to observe an operation with Connie, but misses out when Jac fails to tell her it has started, and Mark quizzes Chrissie over her feelings for Oliver -- causing his daughter to distance herself from the doctor. 9.00 The Truth About Crime (S). 1/3. New series. Documentary that follows Oxfords emergency services round-the-clock over the course of a fortnight as they respond to a wide range of situations. the first edition looks at crime figures to reveal the extent to which alcohol fuels domestic and street violence. See Ben Felsenburg 10.00 BBC News (S). 10.25 BBC Regional News (S); Weather. 10.35 Imagine (S). 5/6. Part one of two. Alan Yentob investigates funding for the arts in troubled economic times and the ramifications for cultural activities, beginning with a look at America. See Ben Felsenburg 11.25 Broken Flowers (S) (2005). A womaniser learns he might have a son, so he tracks down his old girlfriends to find out the truth. Comedy drama, with bill Murray, Jeffrey Wright and Sharon Stone. followed by Weatherview. 1.10 Sign Zone: Coast (r,S). examining the shores of britains neighbours. 2.10 Sign Zone: Country tracks (r,S). ellie Harrison explores the Northumberland coast. 3.05 Sign Zone: Heir Hunters (r,S). 3.50 bbC News (S). PREVIEW BEN FELSENBURG colourful outfits (this was the era of peacock waistcoats). The result is a cos- tume drama quite unlike t h e u s u a l d u s t i l y respectable Dickens adaptations. Its not just the story -- starting from their initial search for a life model in the sleaziest Victorian brothel -- but also the 6.00 BBC News (S); Weather. 6.30 BBC Regional News (S); Weather. 6PM GLASSES DEAL OR PENTAX standard single vision lenses and a scratch-resistant treatment. 2009 Specsavers O Book an appointment online at index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html