IN&OUTTONIGHT 18 Tuesday, 21 July 2009 London Lite job all the time. We spoke more about our hobbies. Ive got a 10km run coming up very soon and we were talking about my preparations for that. Richard does a lot of bike riding and is taking part in a charity ride soon, too. Its important to me that a guy is active as I like taking part in sports and I prefer guys who are into them as well, so I think we were quite well-matched in that respect. Neither of us are massive fitness freaks and Im never going to be a Paula Radcliffe -- but we both exercise for the fun of it. We were relaxed and laughing through- out, and I reckon the date went well. It was an unusual situation so the night was probably more geared towards friendly banter than romance but, in a way, that helped to take off the pressure. Weve texted since we saw each other and said we would like to meet up again for another date in more normal circumstances. It wasnt love at first sight but we definitely had a connection. We got on better than people might on an average first date so I reckon we just need to see what happens. READING Danielles profile, I liked her answers and thought we would have similar interests, so I wrote in. It took a little while to build up Was I LOVE HESAYS: Single FILEWhat happened when we sent two Lite readers for a date in Kensington Gardens? Danielle ONeill, a 29-year-old team secretary from Balham, chose to date Richard Steele, 29, a marketing executive from Blackheath, because his profile made her laugh. We sent them to watch a theatre production of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Were their hearts flying high by the end of the night -- or did they come down to Earth with a bump? W E B O T H arrived at the same time which was good as it meant there was no waiting around getting nervous. Richard is my type looks-wise -- I like tall men and he is certainly that -- but I really picked him because of his answers. When it comes down to it, I favour personal- ity over looks. His profile made me laugh, which I thought would be a good start in what otherwise could be an intensely awkward situation. I think we were both equally uncomfort- able at the beginning but we laughed and made a joke out of it so things actually turned out okay. We had about an hour to chat and enjoy a picnic before the show started -- I think it began a little late because of an injured Tinker Bell. I havent seen a play for a long time and it was really funny. There was a good mix of people in the audience, too. We talked a little about musicals as Richard has been to a few recently and hes definitely been to more plays than I have. We both really enjoyed the experience, it was better than any bar and it was also a lovely treat to meet the cast afterwards. For the first half an hour we were asking each other general questions but once we settled down with our picnic and were more relaxed, conversation started to flow really well and it didnt feel as if we were having to make a massive effort to find things to chat about. A few glasses of wine helped but we didnt get too drunk -- just enough to make things a bit less nerve-wracking. We only touched briefly on work as what someone does is generally not that impor- tant to me -- although I wouldnt want to date someone who moaned about their SHESAYS: Fancy going on a date with this hottie, courtesy of Lite? FOR A CHANCE TO DATE THIS SINGLETON, EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS TO THE SAME PROFILE QUESTIONS, PLUS A PHOTO AND YOUR MOBILE NO, TO: Looking for love in London? Thousands are looking for you at Bellissimo: self-service Italian Vapiano, W1 CHEAP DATE I MANAGED to fit a first date into my lunch break by going to self-service Italian restaurant Vapiano (19-21 Great Portland St, W1, 020 7268 0080). The concept is that you pick up a card, order your food -- which is cooked in front of you -- and settle the card account at the end. My date really enjoyed her tomato and rocket spaghetti (6.85) and I loved the salsiccia con fichi with penne (8.85) which was packed with spicy Italian sausage and fig. While my date claimed to be full from her pasta, she couldnt help trying my tiramisu (3.75). Fortunately, at the end of the date I escaped picking up the bill, as thanks to the card system everyone pays separately. It was a relaxed restaurant and the card concept is good for those wanting to avoid the awkward bill conversation. SIMON, SW11 Ourcouplewerehooked afteraneveningpicnic andseatsatPeterPan NAME: Katharine Innes AGE: 24 OCCUPATION: actress RELATIONSHIP HISTORY: three serious relationships, single for almost a year CELEB CRUSH: Ronan Keating PERFECT LONDON NIGHT OUT: alfresco dinner by the river and then kicking back in a nice bar for cocktails LAST BOOK I READ: Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama LAST HOLIDAY I WENT ON: a month travelling in Turkey and Greece WHAT IM LOOKING FOR IN A GUY: someone with a quick wit, sense of humour, intelligence and a cute smile Exclusive to UK and Irish players $100,000 MEGA FREEROLL Qualify for free for the $100,000 Mega Freeroll every night this week at 19:00 and 21:30. 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