12 Tuesday, 21 July 2009 London Lite Subjecttotermsandconditionswhichcanbefoundonwww.gatwickairport.com gatwickairport.com TheLiteguyguideto shaking hands TRAIN TO BE AN FA OFFICIAL AND YOU COULD YOU could just eat your summer picnic with your fingers. But why not splash out on a hamper and impress your friends by eating alfresco, yet in high style? Theres nothing like the chink of glasses or the rattle of cutlery to heighten the sense of occasion in the field -- and impress the girlfriend, obviously! DAVID WILLIAMS 24.99, millets.co.uk YOU really could carry this spacious wipe-clean coolbag on a walk. Its lightweight and compact with handy side pouches for small water bottles, and includes snazzy napkins, plastic cutting board, sturdy cutlery and generous-sized polycarbonate wine glasses. 79.70, amazon.co.uk ITS all about old-fashioned, high-style dining here with a willow basket, real china plates, glass wine goblets and stainless steel cutlery in a baby pink interior. Also has a big coolbag for the food. POLAR GEAR LUXURY 4-PERSON BACKPACK ANTONY WORRALL THOMPSON ASCOT Boyszone T HE FOOTBALL season will soon kick off, reminding us every boys dream is to play in the Premier League. But as you grow up you realise only your dad rates you. So you could just settle for watching on TV... or you could try being a ref. The Football Associations always on the hunt for a future Howard Webb (the current top official). If youre good, you could even be fast-tracked to the Premier League. The FA plans to recruit 8,000 new referees by 2012, and runs nine-week basic referee- ing evening courses or intensive weekend programmes for 87. With 376 refs newly qualified last year, I decided to see if I had it in me to stand up to the likes of Drogba and Rooney. Thecourse WORLD governing body FIFA produces an annual copy of the 17 laws of the beautiful game and referees need to know them all, from pitch dimensions to offside. A qualified referee instructor runs through the rules in numeri- cal order over the course. I was back in a classroom being taught what I, and all fans, already know. Or think they know. Heres one: can a team change goalkeeper for a penalty kick in normal time? My class of 16 was split 50-50. I was right, you can! Theres one other law, known as Rule 18. Its use your common sense and they drummed into us its as important as Frank Lampards right foot. The courses finish with a multiple choice test. You must score 75 per cent to pass but most people get BY STUART WHITE Fiveofthebest Sendofffor abooking atrefcamp down at our level, we learnt we could get 35 a park match. Anyone can train (so long as they pass the crimi- nal records check). Out of our 16, Thomas, 21, wants to stay involved in the game he loves and earn a few quid, too. Others were sponsored by their clubs so thetofast-trackedbeevencouldyou toplansFATheLeague.Premier 2012,byrefereesnew8,000recruit referee-basicnine-weekrunsand intensiveorcourseseveninging 87.forprogrammesweekend lastqualifiednewlyrefs376With I had it inyear, I decided to see if oflikesthetoupstandtome FIFAbodygoverning theproduces an annual copy of andgamebeautifultheoflaws17 What a card: Richard shows Stuart how to ref they can officiate, while 14-year-old James and Harry want to referee at the World Cup one day. RoadtothePremierLeague THEY used to say the best referees are the ones you dont notice, but nowadays you need presence. You have seconds to make a deci- sion, said our instructor Richard Kinner, who started refereeing in 1993, and youre always right, even when youre wrong. Dont take any nonsense and make sure players know whos in charge, or theyll spot any weakness a mile off. Richard says it takes a referee a season to get his style, finding what techniques work best and building experience. Then he can push for promotion -- even to the very top. Thebigmatch AFTER two hours in the classroom, it was time to practise on the grass. The cards are your power, Richard primed us, adding darkly, and if a player swears at you, red him out. Remember, youre the boss. It was only training, but it felt strange dressed in black standing out in the centre of the park. After spending years playing I was now on the other side. I would have people demanding I open my eyes and much, much worse besides. I was nervous, but felt empowered knowing my weapons -- my notebook and stash of cards -- were in my top pocket. It didnt take long for the first bad tackle to fly in: Right, come here fella. Whats your name? I might just make it as a referee after all. London FA courses 87, including mandatory CRB check. londonfa.com it first time. The only other require- ment is taking charge of six proper matches -- not just a mates kickabout -- and the London FA will help find suitable fixtures to get your badge. Whowouldbearef? FULL-TIME Premier League referees earn around 75,000 a year. Even way A GOOD handshake can be a critical deal clincher -- be it in business or at the round of summer weddings. Lohit Kalburgi, former contestant on The Apprentice and owner of mens clothing label PashFash, explains how to brush up your handshake. Be first to reach out If you offer your hand first, psychologically youre in control of the handshake -- and, by extension, the whole meeting. Relax your fingers into a curve As you reach out, make sure your hand is slightly relaxed to avoid the other person ending up squeezing just your fingertips. Maintain eye contact Dont look down to check your grip -- you will look like you lack confidence. Make it a quickie Dont linger. As soon as youve made contact, shake from the wrist no more than twice, adding a gentle squeeze to disengage. Know when to Reserve handshakes for special occasions (weddings, promotions) and introductions. I once worked with a guy who insisted on shaking hands every morning -- thats OTT. index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html