This is Londons MESSAGEBOARDemail your views to or log on to 10 Tuesday, 21 July 2009 London LiteRegisteredcharityNo1089464 How far will you go to beat cancer? Supported by Join a Cancer Research UK Run 10k and get sponsored, and you will help save lives. Where: At a venue near you When: September - October 2009 For more information on Run 10k events and to enter now, visit New craze -- rude Tube. Jump off Tube and streak naked down platform. Then jump back on. Repeat every station. See how many people join you. BoredTrainDriver, SM3 iS iT okay to start smiling at the girl i fancy on Romford to ilford train? i do see her every morning. Marc, Essex DRy-cleaNiNg -- myth or a must? im sick of paying dry- cleaning bills. Has anyone put a dry-clean only suit in the washing machine? what happened? Dez, EC3 My mate Stacey says the best thing about getting old is that you can hide your own easter eggs. what else is good? Witty, SW18 BoyfRieND came out to his sister recently and now his parents know. apparently theyre cool with it but were visiting them this week at their request so really nervous. advice? Sonny, east London DiD anyone else high-five the SumoSalad guy at Tower Hill on Monday morning?! Rob, SS8 SHoulD i be grateful to the person who handed in my folder at the station, or annoyed they stole my pen? Penless, Clapham fuMiNg (Txts, Mon): boyfriends weekend of TV sport -- understand these events only occur once a year. British grand Prix, the open, Premiership rugby final, Torquay vs Histon... once a year! Sam, SW17 Hi, DoeS anyone know how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Thanks. Alex, EC3 woMaN on gillingham train moved seats as i was wiping nose with a tissue! Sensible, rude or oTT swine flu era behaviour well see a lot more of? Tchootchoo, Kent BeST three albums of the decade: Killing Joke -- 2003. flogging Molly -- within a Mile of Home. Bad Religion -- The empire Strikes first! Steve Brummie Punx, London aNyoNe else hold their nose as they walk past the cheese shop at liverpool Street station? Rallsy, SW19 iNTRigueD (Txts, Mon): laughter on 17.36 to Sevenoaks because of woman frenetically dancing on packed platform, hands in the air, booty shakin, punctuated with loud shrieks of woo!. oblivious to all around her. love it. Anna, BR2 laDy station announcer at St Pancras Thameslink, you have huge Pa system at your disposal, please stop SHouTiNg! SuperSeagull, BR6 HaD hiccups since Tower Hill now at upminster, it hurts! Held my breath but to no avail. feel silly, i keep bouncing up and down! How can i get rid of them? Littlelion, Essex TRieD running out the door with a fried egg sandwich this morning. Shirt streaked yellow now. any less portable breakfasts? Cracked, London IstheGovernment dealingwithpig fluoutbreakwell? I cant believe so many people are only using a fork to eat, but now Debenhams reports forks outsell knives three to one. Whats happened? Our empire was built on using a knife and fork. Linford, HA6 YOu can tell a lot about a person from how they eat. If they chew with mouth open they are disrespectful. If they dont use a knife and fork they are slovenly. Hart, London When I was a child good table manners were drilled into me. On a date these right- handed eaters will be in for quite a shock. no one fancies a pig! Elle, London caN i be the first to say lets not keep any sense of proportion after the glorious win over australia at lords? andrew flintoff was a hero bowling through the pain over after over. give the man his dukedom now. Terry, West Hampstead Now that the terror threat has been downgraded from severe to substantial, please lets abandon these ridiculous assessments. its not the weather forecast. Terror will surprise us again. Wilf, Radlett Another thing Should all knife carriers be jailed? Are beauty contests sexist? Arewelosingourgoodmanners? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See I Am halfway through a pregnancy, a bit tired and emotional anyway, and the government advice really isnt helping. I live in London, so how am I supposed to avoid crowded spaces and public transport? I cant stay in the house for the next 20 weeks. And even if I did, my husband still goes to work every day, mingles with people, and could easily bring the virus back. Claire, London The Government is acting after the horse has bolted. We are told that pregnant women need to take care, but only after a pregnant woman dies; we stop people who are infected from flying, but only after China shows us how to do it. We shouldnt bother waiting for the politicians to tell us what to do -- instead we should be taking the initia- tive and acting on our own instincts. Trude, HA6 Im sTILL waiting for the swine flu information pack I was prom- ised when the outbreak started. If the authorities cant even organise that, how would they cope if it got really serious? Chris, Haringey Why is the Government trying to stop peo- p l e w i t h symptoms g o i n g o n holiday? We should be stopping them entering the country, not the other way round! Marianne, London By sTATIonInG guards to protect stocks of Tamiflu, the Government is adding to the panic. Lets all calm down for a second. Think of how many people die from normal flu. Spencer, London Do We have the full story? one minute were told dont panic, the next we have the highest number of cases after the Us and mexico. Sarah Kenrick, London GorDon BroWn is excellent in a crisis: remember foot and mouth and the 2007 flooding? Im sure everything will be under control. Richard Mac, Northolt Textpoll Q: Should schools have blanket CCTV coverage? OurlastresultShould bankers still be getting bonuses? YES 25% NO 75%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. See Text LL POLL YES or LL POLL NO followed by your first name and postcode to 65400or at Advicehas left us all confused Worry: a masked passenger at Victoria yesterday on holiday? Dont miss a single edition! Log on to: index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html