Health,beauty & fitness 14 Monday, 20 July 2009 London Lite S neak a peek at the average a-listers entourage and along- side the manager, agent and Pa youll also find the FWBB -- thats Friend With Beautifying Benefits. always on hand for a pre-photoshoot facial, premiere-worthy pedicure or an awards-season up-do, theyre the magic-working mates celebrities trust to keep them looking picture-perfect 24/7. and a whole new set of them have now decided to share their skills with you ... Thetresstrendsetter Who: The man responsible for kate Mosss iconic mane, James Brown has been stylist and soulmate to our favourite super- model for over 15 years. Other celebrity devo- tees include Sienna Miller, Giselle, Demi Moore, pictured, and Sarah Jessica Parker. What: The go-to guy for simple, sexily styled hair thats fresh, modern and ultra-feminine, he has also masterminded an eponymous range of hair care and styling products. Where: Brown returned to London to open his first super-stylish salon decorated with pieces such as a signed Jake Chapman print cherry-picked from his home. Find him at James Brown London, 82 Wigmore Street W1, 020 7486 6087. new customers who book through get 25 per cent off their first appointment. Waiting List: Its is a six-month wait for a personal appointment -- or nab a booking with one of the stylists personally selected by James. Cost: appointments with James himself are 500. Cut & blow dry from 55-75. Thesuperstylist Who: adam Reed is a regular hairstylist backstage at London and new York Fa shion Weeks, and created red carpet looks this year in Cannes. His client list includes Joely Richardson, anna Friel, D i a ne k r u g e r a nd Sophie Dahl, right. What: His impeccable cutting skill and an eye for elegant, yet edgy up-dos prove Reed instinctively knows how to make women look good and feel great. His highlights are to die for, too. Where: Having spent most of the noughties in new York, Reed has partnered up with Paul Percival to open the super- chic Percy & Reed, 157c Great Portland St, W1, 020 7637 4634, Waiting list: a two-week wait is likely, but adam always tries to get clients in asap. Cost: Cut and blow-dry 150 and highlights from 160 (half head). Thetop-to-toetherapist Who: everyone from academy award win- ners to modelling royalty has arezoos number on speed-dial. Her famous following includes Gwyneth Paltrow, right, Jake Gyllenhaal, Daniel Craig and Claudia Schiffer. What: The first therapist to introduce threading and the Brazilian to the Uk, she continues to pioneer the latest in skincare, mas- sage and facial techniques which she sources from around the world. Her fake tan application is also flawless. Where: Her super-discreet salon is in Hans Crescent, knightsbridge. Contact her via or call 020 7584 6868. Waiting list: Working around the clock, seven days a week she doesnt believe in wait- ing lists and will always squeeze clients in. Cost: Facials 175 (135 mins), brows 35, Brazilian 65 and St Tropez tanning 90. Thecomplexion perfector Who: With her gift for intuitive pampering and s k i n re j u ve n a t io n , anastasia achilleos is far more than a run-of- the-mill facialist. Fans of her relaxing touch include Daisy Lowe, right, kate Moss, and Sadie Frost. Askthe pharmacist... travel sickness Bookthe A-listers stylists want to know who cuts kates BY reBecca howard-dennis Feeling queasy? Boots pharmacist Angela Chalmers answers your health queries. What causes it? THE vestibular system in your inner ear tracks your body, head and eye movements but during travel, the motion the vestibular system senses and what you see dont match, sending mixed messages to the brain which can make you feel nauseous. It can also be triggered by anxiety, or smells such as food or petrol. Reading while travelling can also cause feelings of nausea. What can I do? Before or during travelling, avoid large meals and alcohol. Try to sit in a front seat with a clear view of the road. When flying, request a seat over the wing where the plane is most stable. At sea, go on deck or sit in the middle of the ship where there is less movement. Antihistamines and anticholinergics can help reduce the messages sent from the ear and the gut to the brain. Homeopathic remedies may also bring soothing relief. Products to consider Kwells Travel Sickness Tablets (2.57, 12 tablets) works fast on travel sickness. Contains hyoscine hydrobromide. Nelsons Travella (4.70, 72 tablets) is a homeopathic medicine to relieve travel sickness Boots Travel Bands (7.82, two packs) help to prevent travel sickness and start working immediately. (youre worth it!) Exclusive to UK and Irish players $100,000 MEGA FREEROLL Qualify for free for the $100,000 Mega Freeroll every night this week at 19:00 and 21:30. 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