This is Londons MESSAGEBOARDemail your views to or log on to 12 Monday, 20 July 2009 London Lite I just met handsome Highams Park coffee man of Lite texts fame in Moorgate pub, made him sign a copy of my London Lite. Do you want to buy it off me? Sticksss, IG7 Man next to me on the train just cracked open a lump of cheese and started munching on it. Weird or not? Cheesy, Essex IF I admit my penchant for musicals, will I lose my real man status forever? FrontRow, London tFL: why does an annual season ticket for Zones 1-4 cost more than a new 125cc motorcycle with insurance, fuel, tyres and maintenance? Biker, SM1 WItty (Txts, Fri): you are right, you go up more steps on the escalator if you run rather than walk. Imagine you walk really slowly -- the extreme would be, say, five steps but a runner would take many more. Matthew, ME13 WItty: definitely more. If running faster than the speed of the escalator, youre effectively racing it for steps. Lauren, BR2 WHat happened at Elephant & Castle station that made everyone getting on 17.36 to sevenoaks on Friday laugh so much? Intrigued, BR5 Man next to me listening to same Lady GaGa song over and over again. Mad, or massive fan? Sean, W2 anyonE else think some people just dont know who their true friends are?! Pally, EC2 EMPLoyEE (Txts, Fri): you believe you deserve a bonus finishing at 8.30pm on week night. on saturday Im a bartender, regularly work overtime, easily 14-hour days, do I get a bonus? never. Welcome to life outside square Mile. Martini, SE9 Mr (Txts, Fri): regarding your shock at seeing a man knitting on your Eastbourne train -- originally MEn knitted all court carpets, women were not even allowed in the guild. ClicketyClick, NW1 GIrL on train has done make- up, hair and now doing fake tan, complete with glove. step too far -- do you agree? Fraggle, Sidcup nICoLa (Txts, Fri): Im definitely up for starting a farm with you to escape all the big earphones and BlackBerries of London. But Im afraid youll be growing blackberries there...! Citydweller, London nICoLa: so long as we have alpacas. I hear that they spit less than llamas! Pands, HA6 to tHE awesome guys who protected us at the Kasabian gig on Friday. We definitely owe you -- drink? Sian & Neesha, SW4 Can anyone tell me where I can buy sweet peanut sweets? Sue, E15 FED up with all the sport after losing my boyfriend to golf and cricket all weekend. When do we have sport-free week? Fuming, NW3 Do police use stop-and-search powerstoooften? Fern Britton, pictured, will be so missed, and i really do not believe that anyone can ever better her on this Morning after 10 years. i wont watch it any more. it simply wont be the same without Fern there. Lin, London this Morning will never be the same without Fern. she put the sunshine into my mornings. Claire, E14 Fern could brighten any show. Whatever she does will be a resounding success. Babs, London there are too many tears on this Morning. i dont want to watch people blubbing over my breakfast. Lindsay, RH11 HoW fantastic to look back to the achievement of landing on the moon exactly 40 years ago today. the planet should learn from that era and pull together in the same spirit of endeavour. Who knows what we could achieve? Harry, Stamford Hill PEtEr CrouCH is good- looking with a twinkle in his eye, and seeing him in interviews he has a great sense of humour, which is very attractive. abbey Clancy is lucky to be marrying him. Lucy, Victoria Another thing IstheGovernmenthandlingswinefluwell?Arewelosingourmanners? Will you miss Fern on the sofa? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageEach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See I CAN easily understand the concerns of some minority groups about the use of stop-and-search powers from the Terrorism Act of 2000, but the Metropolitan Police Service is now very different from the past when it made mistakes in community relations. These powers are there to protect all Londoners from violent crime and terrorism, and Im not sure curbing their use right now, as the Met has said it will do, will help anyone, even if it does silence the com- munity leaders who have the loudest voices. When bombs, guns and knives are involved, skin colour is irrelevant. David, Finsbury Park We Need to empower the police to do their job. They wont be able to keep us safe if we continually put obstacles -- usually in the form of the Human Rights Act -- in front of them. The police are an incredible bunch carrying out an extremely difficult role in todays overly liberal society in which the criminals have more rights than their victims. David, London PoLICe say they are focusing stop-and- search procedures on purely high-risk areas. So no doubt the terrorists will move to low-risk areas. Brilliant. BJ, London THe most recent major terrorist attacks in Madrid, London and New York show that terrorists do not target big public events. They strike on occasions when it is least expected. Therefore it is point- less to limit stop-and-search. If it is needed at major public events, it is needed for everyday life. Chuckleboy, London If A shooting or knifing takes place I would hope that everyone in the area would be liable to being stopped and searched, thereby sending out a strong message to the criminals that the police will stop at nothing to apprehend violent offenders. Patrick Griffin, Dalston ITS about time police rolled back their stop-and-search procedures. As a young black male I find it ridiculous that innocent black males will be targeted not for suspi- cious behaviour, but simply for the colour of their skin. People will drive past and automatically believe that this person being searched is a criminal. It is degrad- ing, and the Act truly does effec- tively target ethnic minorities. John, London I BeT critics will have a change of heart if they have a blade flashed in their face and their bag stolen. It is the namby-pamby attitudes of the past 20 years that have created this culture of violence. Gary, Amersham SuReLY the whole of London is a h i g h - risk area? T here wasnt anything special about edgware Road Tube on 7/7. Bob, Cheam THe innocent majority want searches. Its no problem for us. Martin, Teddington Textpoll Q: Should bankers still be getting bonuses? OurlastresultAre postal strikes justified? 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