IN&OUTTONIGHTDIGITALCHOICE &PLANNER 28 Thursday, 16 July 2009 London Lite PAy PER vIEw Yes Man (2008) Sky Box Office Digital A depressed loans adviser attends a self-improvement course and decides to start saying yes to every opportunity that comes his way. His life is immediately transformed, but he soon realises that some invites should not be accepted. Comedy, starring Jim Carrey. Step Brothers (2008) Sky Box Office Digital BrennAn and dale are two 40- year-old men who never left their parents homes, living a life of extended childhood. All that changes when Brennans mother marries dales father. Comedy, with Will Ferrell and John C reilly. BEST MOvIES Superbad (2007) Sky Comedy, 8pm TWo teenage best friends are on the brink of heading off to different colleges, so decide to mark their parting by going to an upcoming party -- where they hope to persuade some girls to rid themselves of their pesky virginity. However, getting an invitation depends on their being able to procure some booze -- a task that proves much harder than expected. Teen comedy, starring Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. Tumbleweeds (1999) Sky Indie, 8.15pm A WoMAn renowned for moving house with her daughter every time her relationships fail settles in a quiet Californian seaside town, determined to break the pattern. drama, starring Janet McTeer, Kimberley Brown, Jay o sanders, Michael J pollard and Laurel Holloman. Booze cruise: Michael Cera and Jonah Hill play best friends in the teen comedy Superbad Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995) Sky Action/Thriller, 9pm MAveriCK cop John McClane returns to duty following an explosion in new York City. The perpetrator then telephones him anonymously, and tells him to carry out a series of instructions exactly or else another bomb will explode every time he fails. John McTiernans action thriller sequel, starring Bruce Willis, samuel L Jackson, Jeremy irons, Graham Greene, Colleen Camp, Larry Bryggman, Anthony peck, sharon Washington and nick Wyman. Babe (1995) Sky Family, 10pm A KindLY farmer wins a cute, squeaky- voiced piglet which several greedy humans and jealous animals would like to see as the Christmas roast. However, the young pig is determined to prove himself useful on the farm, and enlists the aid of the resident dog in learning to herd sheep. Family comedy, starring James Cromwell and Magda szubanski, with Christine Cavanaugh, Miriam Margolyes and Hugo Weaving providing the voices of the animal characters. BEST ENTERTAINMENT One Foot In The Grave G.O.L.D., 8.20pm viCTor MeLdreW finds himself forced into early retirement, but is determined not to end up on the scrap heap, pouring scorn on the modern world and driving everybody crazy in the process. richard Wilson stars in the first episode as misery guts Meldrew. Family Guy FX, 9pm Lois fulfils a lifelong ambition of becoming a model. Meanwhile, Brian works for stewies marketing company to pay for treatment to help alleviate his embarrassing problem. Rising Damp ITV3, 9.30pm spooner, a wrestler, is confined to his room with a broken leg, and makes life hell for Alan and philip by playing his radio full-blast at all hours -- so naturally they challenge rigsby to confront him. The Big Bang Theory E4, 10pm sHeLdon decides to try to put his considerable brainpower to use in formulating a properly scientific procedure for making friends. Believe it: Richard Wilson stars in One Foot in the Grave BEST DRAMA The X Files Virgin 1, 7pm A TiMe warp in the Bermuda Triangle transports Mulder back to 1939 -- on board a luxury liner filled with nazis. sci-fi mystery drama, starring david duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Greys Anatomy Living, 8pm MerediTH is upset when derek finds her mothers diary, and Callie worries about her first official date with erica. Ultimate Force ITV4, 9pm JAMie is captured by republican terrorists out to kidnap a Unionist politician he is protecting in northern ireland, prompting Henno to break the rules and mount a rescue mission. Dollhouse Sci-fi, 10pm (HD) TopHer discovers a mole among the staff, and dispatches echo and sierra to identify the traitor. BEST FACTUAL BEST SPORT The Ashes Sky Sports 1, 8pm England v Australia ACTion from the opening day of the second Test, as the teams continue the series at Lords. england seemed destined for defeat in this years First Test in Cardiff until a rearguard battle on the final day by paul Collingwood, right, and the tail-enders helped to secure a draw. The Cosmos: A Beginners Guide History, 10pm AdAM HArT- dAvis is joined by volcanologist Janet sumner and space scientist Maggie Aderin-pocock to examine how experts are trying to discover more about the solar system and whether humans are really alone in the universe. 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