London Lite Wednesday, 15 July 2009 backpacker survived nearly two weeks in wild on grass and berries i made a shrine to my son, then they found him misadventure timeline had flown out to help with the search. Mr Cass revealed that he had held a closure ceremony for his son as he prepared to fly home without him, lighting a candle and burying a red rose for England in his memory. Two hours later Jamie was found by two hikers in a gully six miles from where he set off. Mr Cass said he had been told his son was alive as he waited to board a plane at Sydney airport. I gave a great shout, My boys been found, he said. The search had been hampered by thick fog and freezing night-time winter tem- peratures. Jamie said he had been losing hope he would be rescued as search heli- copters failed to spot him waving wildly at them. He had not been seen since 3 July when he left his hostel in the town of Katoomba, New South Wales, for a 10-mile hike in the Blue Mountains. Mr Cass said his son had been stupid to go out into the bush alone and said he was the only teenager in the world to go without his mobile phone. Jamies mother, Jean Neale, told how she spoke to her son on the phone from the hospital. The mother of four said: He said to me, All I wanted to do was hear your voice. He said thinking of me helped him get through this ordeal. He was wor- ried how I would take the news. Ms Neale, 49, from Muswell Hill, north London, added: I never gave up hope. You never give up hope on your children. As far as I was concerned he was coming home. On Monday police said the chances of finding him alive were slim. One rescuer said: It is a great survival story. This one will be for the record books. Mr Cass said his son was gaunt and scrawny and was very shaken by his ordeal. He is still a bit depressed, a bit dazed about what happened to him but its my Jamie. Mr Cass added: I thought hed probably fallen off a cliff. I made a little shrine to him -- Ive defaced the national park with his name and his date of birth. Hes going to come back in about five years and see his gravestone. My heart goes out to the people of Australia for making him come back from the dead. When Ive seen the mistake after mistake hes made -- I cant say Id kill him because it would just spoil the point of him being back. But Im going to kick his a**e. There were 50 guys out looking for him. His plans were to go to Southeast Asia next but he can forget that now. I think he has put his mother through enough. Jamie saved money for his trip to Australia by working as a science and maths technician at his former school in Muswell Hill. He disappeared after taking a path for experienced walkers only. He failed to register his plans with police or the parks service and carried just a day backpack and wore light clothing. He was being treated today at Katoomba Hospital and was in a stable condition. Monday 22 June: Jamie Neale arrives in Australia for start of gap year with plans to travel on to Southeast Asia. Thursday 2 July: he checks into a hostel in Katoomba, New South Wales, 70 miles west of Sydney. Friday 3 July: Jamie tells staff at the hostel he is going out for a short walk in the nearby Blue Mountains, leaving his luggage and mobile phone behind. He is wearing only light clothing -- a fleece, T-shirt and jeans -- and carrying a burgundy-coloured day pack. Saturday 4 July: the teenager is reported missing to police by hostel staff when he fails to turn up for a pre-booked organised tour of the Jenolan Caves, and a huge search is launched involving 100 police and rescue helicopters. Wednesday 8 July: heavy rain hampers the search, grounding helicopters, and temperatures fall to freezing overnight, increasing fears for Jamies safety. Thursday 9 July: Jamies father Richard Cass arrives in New South Wales. Sunday 12 July: Australian couple contact police to say they saw Jamie the previous Saturday at an outcrop called Ruined Castle. The couple describe him as being in good spirits and good health during their 10-minute talk before he left, saying he was going to another lookout at Mount Solitary. Monday 13 July: police focus their search on Ruined Castle and Mount Solitary but scale search down to 60 officers. Yesterday: Jamies father prepares to fly home to the UK and books a flight for today, after holding a closure ceremony in the Blue Mountains. Today 12.49pm (2.49am UK time): New South Wales police announce they have found the missing hiker in a gully near Narrow Neck fire trail, 10km from Ruined Castle. 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