This is Londons MESSAGEBOARDemail your views to or log on to 10 Wednesday, 15 July 2009 London Lite Had one of my nipples pierced against girlfriends wishes. Seeing her on Friday. Should I fess up beforehand? Mr Ouch SE1 pIgeon s**t on my head today! euro Millions here I come! Funky, E14 Been on my third date with this guy... but hes still not tried to kiss me. Is he shy or just not that into me? Confused, SW16 HaS anyone noticed everyone seems to wear a lot more pink in the City on a Thursday? Love pink Thursdays! Simon, SS1 WHaTS the point in giving hoodies brain scans? They wont find anything in there... Harls, Hutton JuST discovered my husband of three years has a wife and a five- year-old son in South africa. Ideas for revenge please! Scorned, SW1 SpooKed (Txts Tues): yes, its normal to have strangers following you on Twitter. For a laugh I signed up as Mr gay uK, never tweet but already have 25 followers and counting. Straight, TN6 JuST saw a guY wearing ugg boots getting off my train and going towards the gym!! Wrong? Right? Why? Dee, EN3 Joe (Txts Tues): a client who demands everything aSap read two emails today: Id sent them at the end of 2006! Maybe I win the longest unopened mail record?! Lozzypop, SL6 Joe: I sent an invite to a meeting on 15 april 2006 for three days later. I received my reply in May 2009 -- declined! Blownout, London BoYFRIend locks himself out and blames me cos Im still in the pub. Fair or unfair? Barred, Southwark MaRK (Txts Tues): is that a pigeon smell at Canning Town station? It smells like my home economics block from school 18 years ago! What were we cooking back then?! Whiffer, London MaRK: not pigeon smell at Canning Town but local meat- rendering factory!! Robin, E16 THe person who caused a train door to jam at Blackfriars, thereby delaying all the following services by 20 minutes on Tuesday evening, should apologise here. Jeff, Kent LIeSeL (Txts Tues): our flatmate washes his bedding only once a month?! That IS disgusting! Thats it, Im moving out! Liesels other flatmate, SW19 WHY do people rush to sit down only to get off at the next stop? discuss. Hiten, N12 LovIng the mystery bagpipe player who plays every lunchtime on Basinghall Street in the City. drives my boss mad! But who are you? Jenny, SW19 MuSIC teachers: always have to lower the tone... Sharon, CR0 Should young offenders wear orange jackets? Cheryl Cole, pictured, has had an amazing journey. From a working-class family in Gateshead to hollywood, and quite possibly to host the US version of The X Factor. If shes just herself theyll adore her. Gemma, Manor House She is getting out of this country just in time: the backlash is due to start soon. No one can have as much exposure as shes been getting without starting to irritate a few people -- and thats me included! Harris, Holloway I CaNT believe Cheryl Cole is now putting the finishing touches to her solo album. She always looks very lovely, but shes easily the worst singer in Girls aloud. Helen, SM2 I Read with interest about brain scan research on violent teens (Lite, Tues). Surely what needs to be asked is if brain changes are caused by violent behaviour or result from it, or itll sound like people making excuses for ill-behaved kids. Obi, E9 I Had Michael Jackson tickets for September, but I wont be holding a vigil on the date at The o2 or anywhere else. I respected him as an artist, but there has to be a line drawn under this now. SMB, London Another thing Doyoudreamofescapingtothecountry?IstheHoffstillcool? Will Americans take to Cheryl? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See Y ES, youngsters should be made to feel responsible for their actions, and this proposal from Justice Secretary Jack Straw for offenders aged 10 and above to wear bright jackets marked Community Payback can only help. Our politically correct leaders have spent too much time trying to understand young thugs without anyone trying to understand the victims feelings. Keith, London OffEndErS, young and old, should be humiliated as part of their punishment. We must discourage them from reoffend- ing, not worry about their feelings. Mandycake, London ThE Government should give these wast- ers routine and discipline from an early age so they learn to respect society. Tony, Barnet AmEriCA has made convicts wear distinctive outfits for many years for community service. They stand out from normal citizens. Everyone knows why theyre there and what theyre doing. This, by the way, is the America with one of the globes highest crime rates. Carley, AL1 im All for punishing criminals bu t t he s e arent hard- ened convicts. They are children -- some as young as 10 years old -- and we need to set them back on to the right track instead of demonising them. Remy, W8 PuniSh the parent, not the child. Too many parents abdicate their responsibility. Cherry, WD18 ThE central tenets of justice are deterrence, punishment, protection and reha- bilitation, not humili- ation. The jackets go too far. Matty Kemp, London iT iS cool nowadays to be seen as a troublemaker. how long before we see people photographed in these jackets on facebook? Jade, London Textpoll Q: Should cops investigate suicide clinic deaths? OurlastresultAre you worried about Swine flu? YES 43% NO 57%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. 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