This is Londons MESSAGEBOARDemail your views to or log on to 10 Tuesday, 14 July 2009 London Lite Packages currently 16.50 - 46 a month. Some prices will increase from 1/9/09. Also due to VAT change from 1/11/10 Sky packages increase by 50p. Saving based on recommended retail price of 99 for a Sky+ box for new customers. *There will be a one-off cost for your Managing Agent for the earth bonding of the Shared Dish equipment by a qualified electrician of their choice. For 16.50pmth, you can choose any 1 Entertainment Pack, Sky Broadband Base (0) with Sky Talk Freetime (0). Free Sky+ offer: Only available to new customers taking a Sky TV subscription. Shared Dish: Installation of Skys Shared Dish is subject to your Managing Agents agreement and is suitable for blocks with less than 48 flats and up to 3 storeys. Set up: Non-standard set-up may cost extra. Sky+: Sky+ functionality requires a Sky+ subscription (free for Sky TV customers, or 9.75pmth) and two satellite feeds. General: Your Sky box(es) must be connected to a fixed telephone line for 12 months. You must get any consents required (e.g. landlords). Minimum Sky TV/Sky+ subscriptions 12 months. You must be 18 years or over. Prices subject to change. Channels/programmes and prices shown apply to customers paying by Direct Debit. For continuous debit/credit card mandate, 50p monthly charge applies. Information only applies to residential customers in UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Further terms apply. Calls cost 5ppm (plus up to 8p connection fee) for BT customers. Calls from other providers may vary. Correct at 25 June 2009. Call 08442 411 341 To get your free Sky box by 23 July Free Sky box in your flat when you join Sky TV* Quality Sky TV to suit you Create your own Sky TV package to enjoy with Sky and only pay for the type of TV you want to watch, not what you dont. Choose from one of our 6 Entertainment Packs currently from 16.50 a month and each additional pack is just 1 extra a month Variety Childrens Style & Culture Knowledge Music News & Events Get all main freeview and terrestrial channels Special installation service for flats Our Shared Dish can serve the whole building (subject to survey) and its free* when four flats in your block register for Sky TV Well work with you to register other residents and liaise with your Managing Agent to get everything set up Now you have until 23 July to join Sky TV with 30 standard set - up and you can get a free Sky box thats a saving of 99. Sky is so easy to use, itll change the way you watch TV forever. Offer extended to 23 July Save 99 Rewind live TV and never miss a thing Pause live TV, not your life Record selected series automatically Record an average of 40 hours without tapes or timers Believe in better *Plus pay 30 standard set-up I sent an email to a work colleague 18 months ago, which was opened yesterday... Is this a record ? Joe, SM2 Anyone else find their mood fluctuating according to englands fortunes in the Ashes over the weekend? SillyPoint, London If you had to give up either pizza or gambling for life, which would it be? Shank, Essex guy flatmate thinks its okay to wash bedding only once a month! Discuss. Disgusted (Liesel), SW19 sIgneD up to twitter on a whim, didnt tweet, yet now have two total twit-strangers following me. Is this normal?? Spooked, Shenfield HoPPy (Txts, Mon): I wish that conductor had checked with me, too, to make sure I was awake for my stop -- I was on also on your train on friday, meant to get off at orpington, slept to tonbridge! 90 cab home! Dee, BR5 Just saw guy doing push-ups on the tube. Andrew, Cricklewood KevIn (Txts, Mon): the Little Britain Bubbles Devere soundalike woman at Cannon street has the best memory for orders ever. I hadnt been in for well over a year and she just called out my old order. Bit presumptuous but impressive. Torn, ME10 wHAt happened to wearing green if youre single on public transport on fridays?? or is no one single?? MissSingle, NW10 unAmuseD (Txts, Mon): at my work the partners are getting bonuses and we cant even get a paperclip! Grrr, EC1 Does anyone know how I can hire one of those canal boats between Croxley and watford? Vic, WD18 Boss fancies himself too much. I have to pretend I am on the phone whenever he ask us to touch his soft skin. yuck. Anyone else have a similar boss? Sickened, London on 7.15 London Bridge train to east grinstead. four carriages instead of eight so driver apologises for c**p service, pledges to get us home quickly! Brilliant. Rider, London torn (Txts, Mon): side? theres no right or wrong side at the Barbican. Just follow the yellow brick line! Neil, N17 Pete (Txts, Mon): are you from the star wars planet tatooine? Kate moss, one of the worlds most beautiful women, looks like the alien Admiral Ackbar? you need to get out more, sci-fi boy. Joe, AL1 CLAIre (Txts, Fri): to see where tube train doors will be, its simple, just line up with the train doors of the train on the opposite platform! Speedy Boarder, Edmonton Anyone else notice the awful pigeon smell at Canning town station? Mark, W8 IsLondonareal foodieparadise? The Pirate Bay, logo pictured, and other web piracy- linked sites have had their day. Theres no point with lots of file-share or streaming sites out there. The music industry worked out how to make cash from the Net. Tom, Finsbury Park UNless sites such as spotify and YouTube can guarantee to have the music I want on demand then Ill look elsewhere, even if it means what are possibly illegal downloads. Coleen H, DA12 I sTIll go on illegal download sites, but only when my flatmates out and only on his computer. I wouldnt run the risk myself. JH, London CIty investors are shocked that teens dont use twitter? Quelle surprise! the only reason twitters getting the publicity and audience it has is that its users are primarily people who work in the media. Tim, London gooD for Blues singer Duncan James having the courage as a public figure to admit he has relationships with both men and women. there is no black or white when it comes to sexuality. SM, London Another thing Shouldyoungoffenderswearorange?WillAmericanstaketoCheryl? Will internet piracy ever die out? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See B ORIS JOHNSON was absolutely right to say Londons restaurant scene is world-class while a n nou nc i n g t he L ondon Restaurant Festival coming up in October. Theres plenty wrong with our city, but eating out here is one thing thats a pure joy. The range of world cuisines and the fact you can splash the cash or get a value meal in pretty much any area means theres never been a better time to be a London diner. Harry, Richmond LONdON is the most culturally diverse capital in the world. Thus we are the food capital of the world. Where else on the planet would you be able to sit down for a great curry, and then right next door buy some jellied eels? Robyn, London WeRe a global leader in finance, sport, tourism and culture. Now it seems were top dog at food as well. London consist- ently proves why it is the best city in europe. Parisians must be crying into their frogs legs soup. Paula Sewell, Isle of Dogs IM LOOKING forward to the festival in October, but a culinary tour of London isnt complete without a greasy doner kebab. The organisers have somehow left that off the itinerary. If they want to show a true taste of London they need to get folk down Brick Lane on a Saturday night. Morgan, London I caNT wait to go for a meal on a Routemaster bus in the festivals Gourmet Odyssey on 10 October! I just hope the driver is careful round bends because I dont want my coq au vin all over my lap! Joe Cross, London a FOOd festival in London? dont m a k e m e laugh. With a l l t h e chains and fast-food vendors, Londons food scene has never been worse off. Michaela, London THe festival looks great. and Ive now also got November block- booked for the diet. Rebecca, London Textpoll Q: Are you worried about swine flu? 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