This is Londons MESSAGEBOARDemail your views to or log on to 10 Monday, 13 July 2009 London Lite Man asks doorman, Dya know who I am? Doorman shouts to whole queue, anyone know who this is...? Hes forgotten! Tremendous. Smiler, EN2 Boss tells me he follows me on Twitter and knows about my drunken naked Jacuzzi weekend. anyone else have this problem? Embarrassed (but not sacked), SE22 sue (Txts, Fri): you say Kate Moss resembles Gillian Taylforth. she looks far more like admiral ackbar from star Wars. Look him up... Pete, DA1 on a 19 bus near sadlers Wells. Driver says he wont move until pregnant lady gets a seat. Well and truly cool. Impressed, London Pay and head count freeze announced. Two months on big bosss wife is recruited for a Mickey Mouse post. Just wrong! Unamused, TW16 anyone else addicted to Farm Town on Facebook? Farmer Lou, SS4 WIsH somebody would hook up some speakers to the Trafalgar square lions. Would make some interesting surprised tourist holiday photos when they roared. Andrew, W1 LasT train home to sevenoaks, ticket collector asks, you okay to stay awake till your stop? unheard of! Thank you. But just who is he? Hoppy, TN13 T WooD (Txts, Fri): I wonder if the coffee man who works at Highams Park station knows that everyone has been talking about him for weeks? AMarsBarPlease, N15 THe only gay thing about the coffee man at Highams Park is that he sells crumpets. CrumpetLover, E4 CouLD people please decide which side of the yellow line to walk in the Barbican?! Torn, EC1 Dan (Txts, Fri): five times? Thats nothing! I saw a guy try to feed his oyster card fruitlessly about seven times in the ticket slot. Jess, W12 ToM (Txts, Fri): sorry, youre wrong. I can run and catch a bus in my flip-flops, and spiral stairs are a breeze. Women adapt and conquer . Karen, Gravesend THe woman who works in the sandwich shop at Cannon street Tube station sounds just like Bubbles Devere, the large posh actress character from Little Britain. Hello darlings! Kevin, CT8 CLaIre (Txts, Fri): dont bother with a marker pen to mark where the Tube doors open on the platform, just look at the yellow line instead. Where its dirtiest or peeling tells you where you should stand. Kirsten, CR4 FreaKeD ouT (Txts, Fri): never mind booze, my boss acts weird when I load him up with espresso to try and make the lazy sod do some work! SA, Kent BrICKLayers! are you guys on the level? Shaun0, RM14 Will we ever win in Afghanistan? WITH all due respect to the director of the National Gallery, I really dont think Trafalgar Square has been trashed by pedestrianisation and events such as the mass karaoke led by Pink, pictured, back in April. Theres lots of room for both high art and fun pop events. Trish, Harrow THe day we won the Olympics, I was in Trafalgar Square and it was a great occasion. Pedestrianisation of the area has been one of the best things to happen to it. Mo, Putney ReMeMBeR before it was pedestrianised? A nasty traffic island, hard to access safely, it was grey, empty and dull. Jude, London aT LasT a voice of reason. The CBI has called for the uK energy policy to be less wind-focused, and for more nuclear power plants to be built soon. otherwise, itll be campfires and candles for all in a decade or so. Mitch, Ruislip THe best burlesque acts entertain and titillate without going fully nude, leaving something to the imagination. Mel B showed class in her Las Vegas act and decided to cover up. Well done. Sasha Gould, Angel Another thing Is London a foodies paradise? Will web piracy ever die out? IsTrafalgarSquarebeingruined? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See e ACH of the recent flurry of British deaths is a tragedy, but these men risked their lives because they knew sometimes thats what it takes to defend Britain and help others. Defeatist talk of a swift exit ignores the reality of the alternative. The Taliban back in power, unchallenged, would make Afghanistan a terrorist base again, just like before 9/11, and leave its people under a cruel regime. Women especially would suffer. The real issue is the lack of helicopters and properly armoured vehicles for British troops. Denis, Belsize Park DESPITE the casualties, we must not heed those calling for retreat. We are fighting for an honourable cause -- lets back the troops and help beat the Taliban. A Sott, Southwark STRANGE though it may seem, these casualties may be a sign we will win. Obamas surge, like George Bushs in Iraq, will destroy the Taliban. Now we are taking the war seriously there can only be one eventual winner. Rich, NW1 WE HAvENT enough troops there. We cannot succeed with a minimal force that is so poorly supplied. FH, N7 WE WONT w i n b y claiming land as the Taliban will m o v e t o Pakistan or elsewhere. Its a new sort of war and we must adapt. Goldney, London THE parallels with vietnam are there: popular liberal US president and a forgotten conflict on the other side of the world. Obama cant win and must get out. Dominique, London WE fIRST went in to find Osama bin Laden but now we are trying to maintain a f a i l e d state. That is not our duty and it doesnt help Britain. Luke, Merseyside BRING them home. There is no popular support for this failed war, and it is a growing drain on the public purse. Jo, London Textpoll Q: Should there be a Thames Estuary airport? OurlastresultHave soldiers been betrayed by defence cuts? 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