2 Friday, 10 July 2009 London Lite TODAYONAPAGE Tube, buses face recession fares hikePASSENGERS face large hikes in fares and cuts in services on the Tube and London buses. The recession has left a 1.7bn funding gap, according to a London Assembly report. Mayor Boris Johnson may have to bring in above-inflation price increases, something he is against, or cancel Tube improvements to meet the shortfall. The report says fewer people use public transport, especially the Tube, during recessions as jobs are axed. And negative inflation means that, in the short term, fares -- fixed to the July RPI plus one per cent -- should be frozen or reduced, also affecting Transport for London income. The Assemblys budget and performance committee estimates the deficit could range from 400m to as much as 1.7bn by 2018. Action needed would include cutting services, raising fares or deferring or cancelling upgrades and expansions. Two new East London line stations could be at risk, the project to air- condition the Tube could be delayed and plans to lay miles of new track by 2011 may be shelved. There may be fewer night buses and the introduction of a new Routemaster could be in doubt. The committee estimates a total fares shortfall of 3.2bn to 3.5bn, although that will be offset by savings of 1.8bn to 2.8bn as lower inflation cuts construction costs. Dilemma: Boris Johnson INSIDE SEE PAGE FIVE PURE GOLD GBYE FOR JACKO First swine flu death in the capital SEE PAGE 11 Kates a bit of a Blur fan PRINTED WITH INK THAT WONT COME OFF ON YOUR HANDS CITY RENTS ARE DOWN BY 19% by bO WILSON FULL STORY: SEE PAGE 14 19-year-oldmanisBritainsfourthvictim SEE PAGE THREE ANDYS SECRET WEAPON Friday, 3 July 2009 e-edition.thelondonlite.co.uk A 19-yeAr-old man has become the first person in london to die from swine flu, it was revealed today. The teenager, from Lewisham, south London, is now the fourth person across the country to die from the virus. The news came as Health Secretary Andy Burnham warned there could be a staggering 100,000 new cases of swine flu every day by the end of next month. The latest victim died on arrival at Lewisham Hospital on Wednesday. An ambulance had been called because he was suffering chest problems. In a statement, NHS Direct said he had subsequently tested positive for H1N1 swine flu. Britain has officially reported 7,447 swine flu cases since the global Continued on Page 7 Going in style: Michael Jackson is to be buried in a golden coffin on Tuesday NHS chiefs: swine flu plan waste of time PLEASE RECYCLE YOUR COPY OF LITE RESPONSIBLY A COMMUTER who feared a bag left on a Tube contained a bomb was surprised to find an abandoned cat inside. The passenger spotted the bag, right, on the Victoria line yesterday. At Brixton he heard a miaow and found the cat. The animal has been named Albert and is being cared for by Blue Cross vets. Cat out of the bag: the abandoned puss Bombthatwas reallyabagpuss Gangsfindthekey tolessriskytheftGANGS who break into homes to steal car keys are behind a huge surge in burglaries in London. The number of residential break-ins increased by 10 per cent in recent months -- but in some boroughs they soared by more than 70 per cent. Police say thieves find that stealing car keys from homes is much easier than breaking into cars and less confrontational than carjacking. The gangs are targeting prestige vehicles, but are also taking less valuable cars that can be stripped and sold as parts. CRISIS measures for handling a swine flu epidemic are muddled and a waste of time, NHS bosses revealed today. It comes as the outbreak in London approaches epidemic levels. A leaked document says government plans to create special Tamiflu vouchers would hinder rapid distribution of the antiviral drug and that the job could be done as easily with prescriptions. The memo, from a trust executive responsible for emergency planning, also attacks other key measures such as the diagnosis of patients via a call centre. Ministers are already under fire from GPs for advising them to prescribe Tamiflu. Doctors say they are being inundated with people wanting the drug and that it would be better for people to take paracetamol. Workers suffering swine flu will be able to sign themselves off for two weeks under government plans to contain the virus. However, employers fear people will abuse the system and take extended sickies.Firstcase:howwebrokenews Ive gone bankrupt about four times. My manager wants to shoot me -- DESPITE TWO NO.1 SINGLES, LADY GAGA, LEFT, SAYS HER ADDICTION TO BUYING OUTLANDISH OUTFITS HAS LEFT HER BROKE Hes quick to tell you if youve done something wrong. That never stops being frightening -- X FACTOR HOST DERMOT OLEARY ON HIS DEMANDING BOSS SIMON COWELL Im short and wide and nothing fits me - except changing room cubicles. 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