TELEVISION Filmchoice FILM RATINGS excellent very good good average poor KEY (R)repeat (S)subtitles on text service STEPHEN MARR BBC2 ITV1 Channel 4 Five London Lite Wednesday, 8 July 2009 19 10.30 This Morning (S). Day two of Denise Robertsons trip to Uganda. 12.30 Loose Women (S). Topical debate from a female perspective. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News (S). 1.55 London News And Weather (S). 2.00 Dickinsons Real Deal (R,S). David Dickinson and the team are in Worthing, West Sussex. 3.00 Daily Cooks Challenge (S). Former Apprentice candidate Raef Bjayou is the judge. 3.59 London Weather (S). 4.00 Midsomer Murders (R,S). Part one of two. A murderer strikes a team of bell-ringers. 5.00 The Chase (S). Quiz show. 6.00 London Tonight (S); Weather. 6.30 ITV Evening News (S); Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale (S). Natasha tells Mark she is going away. 7.30 Coronation Street (S). Kevin and Mollys passion attracts the attention of the police, but nothing can cool their affair. Ted tries to comfort David, while Jason visits his bank manager. See Soap Box 8.00 The Bill (S,HD). Part three of six. Smithy proves to be a hero when a lorry driver suddenly abandons his load of illegal Afghan immigrants in the road and falling boxes in the vehicle kill a man, trapping his daughter. A translator helps the team link the people-trafficking operation with Jason Devlin, who is later found provoking a full blown riot on the Westgate Estate. 9.00 Trial And Retribution (R,S). 7/10. Part one of two. Walker (David Hayman) is asked by a friend to investigate the disappearance of his sister eight years previously, and he traces a link to a corpse found in a buried box. After it is identified as the missing woman, suspicion soon falls upon the victims then- husband, whose second wife has also been reported missing. 10.00 News At Ten And Weather (S). 10.30 London News And Weather (S). 10.35 Total Emergency (R,S). 1/6. Cameras record the work of all three major emergency services, offering a comprehensive view of those who keep the city of Sheffield safe. Narrated by Melissa Berry. 11.35 Nightwatch With Steve Scott: Action Stations (S). The work of fighter pilots and ground troops in Afghanistan, plus Air Sea Rescue and the Red Arrows. 12.35 Nightwatch With Steve Scott: Crime (R,S) Documentary following police officers in their never-ending fight against crime; ITV News Headlines. 1.30 Loose Women (R). Topical debate from a female perspective. 2.15 The Jeremy Kyle Show (R,S). 3.10 ITV Nightscreen. 5.30 ITV Morning News (S). David Hayman 9pm, Trial And Retribution 11.00 Alien Empire (R,S). 11.30 Daily Politics (S). 1.00 Animal Park (R,S). 1.30 Working Lunch (S). The latest business news from the City. 2.00 Axe The Agent? (S). A Shropshire woman and a family from Maidenhead try to sell their homes. 3.00 Murder, She Wrote (R,S). Jessica is called to help a puppet designer. 3.45 Flog It! (R,S). The team visits Swindon. 4.30 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (R,S). Eric Knowles and Jonty Hearnden are pitted against each other. 5.15 Escape To The Country (S). Homes in Carmarthenshire, Wales. 6.00 Eggheads (R,S). Quiz show. 6.30 Bargain Hunt Famous Finds (R,S). 2/10. Celebrity edition of the daytime antiques show, pitting the skills of former Tory MP Edwina Currie against those of Liberal Democrat Lembit Opik at an antiques fair in Ardingly. 7.00 The Culture Show (S). 1/6. New series. Behind the scenes at this years Manchester International Festival. Lauren Laverne catches up with Elbow frontman Guy Garvey, and there is a profile of the Young at Heart choir, plus an interview with Ralf Hutter of German electronic pioneers Kraftwerk. 7.50 Puffin Island (R,S). The mass migration of Atlantic puffins. 8.00 Top Gear (R,S). 3/7. The presenters try to beat the recession by finding three sensibly priced small cars that are fun to drive -- a task that involves pestering bankers, harnessing large dogs and almost getting arrested. James May meets stunt driver Ken Block, and Jeremy Clarkson tests out the Mercedes SL Black. Michael McIntyre is the Star In A Reasonably Priced Car. 9.00 Taking The Flak (S). 1/7. New series. A group of BBC journalists arrives in the state of Karibu to cover an African war. Aspiring writer Harry hopes the story will be his big break -- but senior professionals look set to stop him in his tracks. Comedy drama, starring Martin Jarvis, with Mackenzie Crook, Bill Turnbull, Sian Williams and George Alagiah. See Ben Felsenburg 10.00 Supersave Me (S). 5/5. In the final documentary examining the effect of the recession on Britains finances, Merryn Somerset Webb examines how credit crunch horror stories have convinced people to put a greater emphasis on building up their savings. Last in the series. See Ben Felsenburg 10.30 Newsnight (S). With Emily Maitlis. Followed by Weather. 11.20 The Wire (S). 9/12. Two of the Barksdale crew violate the unspoken Sunday morning truce when they go after Omar, while Brianna seeks answers from Avon and Stringer. A murder threatens to compromise the secrecy of the tolerant zones, and Carvers response causes Herc to call the Press. 12.20 BBC News (S). 4.00 BBC Learning Zone: Languages And Travel: Deutschland Plus 17-20. 5.00 Languages And Travel: Deutsch Plus 2 (S). Michael McIntyre 8pm, Top Gear 11.00 Desperate Housewives (R,S,HD). 12.00 News At Noon (S). 12.30 Life Class: Todays Nude (S). 1.00 Post Modern Pastimes (R,S). 1.15 Channel 4 Racing From Newmarket (S). Including the 3.10 Abu Dhabi Falmouth Stakes (1m). 3.25 Countdown (S). With Donal MacIntyre. 4.15 Deal Or No Deal (S). Game show, with Noel Edmonds. 5.00 Wogans Perfect Recall (S). Four contestants compete for a cash prize. 5.30 Celebrity Come Dine With Me Extra Portions (S,HD). Socialite Tamara Beckwith hosts a dinner party. 6.00 The Simpsons (R,S). 2/22. Homer unwittingly delivers his mother into the hands of the police. 6.30 Hollyoaks (S,HD). Spencer persuades Calvin he wants to sell The Loft. Meanwhile, Mercedes is furious when Malachy admits he did not go to see the doctor. 7.00 News (S). 7.55 The Political Slot (S). 3/4. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg visits the Camden Centre for Business Arts and Technology to debate with students. 8.00 Embarrassing Teenage Bodies (S). 1/4. An update on how the doctors advice has helped young people. They begin in Magaluf, discovering how teens are putting their long-term health in jeopardy with a heady mix of sun, sex and booze. Back in the UK, they meet an 18-year-old mum battling weight gain, and a 19-year-old who lacks bladder control. 9.00 Big Brother (S). Highlights from the housemates past 24 hours inside the Big Brother compound as cameras observe their every move. 10.00 Ugly Betty (S,HD). 3/24. An accident at Mode leaves everyone stunned, and a police detective comes looking for some answers. Daniel emerges as the main suspect after he asks Betty to lie about his whereabouts at the time of the incident. Meanwhile, Ignacio discovers something shocking about Hilda and the coachs relationship. Guest starring Mark Consuelos. 11.00 Skins (S,HD). 2/10. When his birthday celebrations grow boring, Cook (Jack OConnell) decides to crash an engagement party that Freddies sister is attending. Unfortunately his actions attract the attention of gangster Johnny White. 12.00 4Music: Grassroot Gigs (S). A chat with the Zutons. 12.35 Dirty Sexy Money (R,S,HD). Karen gets cold feet. 1.25 Big Brother Live. 4.00 Bob And Margaret (R,S). 4.30 Revelations: Muslim School (R,S). 5.25 Countdown (R,S). Jack OConnell 11pm, Skins 10.45 Trisha Goddard (R,S). 11.45 House Doctor (R,S). 12.15 House Doctor (R,S). 12.45 Five News (S). 12.55 Wordplay (S). Quiz show, with Jenni Falconer. 1.45 Neighbours (S). Greg reveals he is returning to Melbourne for good. 2.15 Home And Away (S). A jealous Charlie sabotages Angelo and Mays relationship. 2.50 Wordplay Plus (S). Viewers take part in the daily quiz show. 3.10 Film: Terror In The Family (S) (1996). Drama, starring Joanna Kerns. 5.00 Five News With Natasha Kaplinsky (S). 5.30 Neighbours (R,S). 6.00 Home And Away (R,S). A jealous Charlie sabotages Angelo and Mays relationship. 6.30 Zoo Days (R,S). 16/20. Keepers at Colchester Zoo try to catch a penguin in need of medical attention and curator Sarah feeds cheetah cub Katavi. Presented by Konnie Huq. 7.00 Five News At 7 (S). Isla Traquair presents a round-up of the days headlines from around the world. 7.15 Cricket On Five (S). England v Australia. Mark Nicholas presents highlights from the opening day of the Ashes series at the SWALEC Stadium in Cardiff. With commentary by Geoffrey Boycott, Ian Chappell and Simon Hughes. Followed by Five News Update. 8.00 Build A New Life In The Country (S). Charlie Luxton meets a Kent couple who plan to convert a Fifties sawmill into a family home and provide their children with a traditional country upbringing. One of the first tasks is to replace the asbestos-lined roof, but the project is then delayed when the pairs mortgage application is rejected. Followed by Five News At 9. 9.00 Panic Room (S) (2002). A single mother is determined to keep her daughter from harm when burglars target their home, and the pair hide out in a specially constructed bunker. The secure shelter becomes a prison when the robbers refuse to leave without their booty -- which is stashed in a safe starring Jodie Foster. See Film Choice 11.15 Soho Blues (R,S). 3/4. CCTV cameras catch pickpockets in action, and discover a thief who targets mothers with babies. Two men try to steal a train set, and in Leicester Square, officers are forced to call for back-up when trouble flares. 12.15 Poker. Highlights from the latest heat of the European Open. 1.50 UEFA Cup Classics (R). 2.45 UEFA Cup Classics (R). 3.30 Indy Car Series. 4.20 Indy Car Series. 5.10 Neighbours (R,S). 5.35 Home And Away (R,S). Konnie Huq 6.30pm, Zoo Days Black Rain Film4, 11pm (1989) EVER-so-slightly dated nowadays, this action film from director Ridley Scott is still good to watch. Michael Douglas, above, stars as New York cop Nick Conklin, assigned to return a Japanese crook to his homeland. But the felon escapes custody almost as soon as they touch down and, despite being a fish out of water, Nick has to track him down and re-arrest him. Panic Room Five, 9pm (2002) BARRED windows, alarms and panic rooms are good security measures, but they do tend to advertise that you have something worth protecting. Meg Altman learns this lesson when robbers inevitably break into her mansion and she retreats to her panic room, only to discover that her valuables are in the room, too -- and the robbers want in. Stars Jodie Foster, above. Freaky Friday BBC3, 10pm (2003) BACK in the days before every day was freaky for Lindsay Lohan, she showed her acting ability in this surprisingly enjoyable remake of a 1976 Jodie Foster film. Jamie Lee Curtis and Lohan, above, discover they have swapped bodies, with ensuing hilarity. The trouble is, this young- becomes-old or man-becomes-woman device is a little tired. Buster BBC1, 11.30pm (1988) RONALD Buster Edwards tried his hand at a few different professions during his life -- boxer, nightclub owner, Great Train Robber, international fugitive, and florist. This light-hearted look at his rise to infamy and fall into obscurity stars Julie Walters and Phil Collins, above. Edwards committed suicide in 1994 -- but theres no evidence to suggest it was as a result of Collinss performance. index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html