London Lite Tuesday, 7 July 2009 19 sheabarbiedoll? T HIS is it. After 18 months of seeing me here every week you are reading my last column. And for the first time in those 18 months, Im struggling to think of what to write. Usually there are several things on my mind, small incidents which can be turned into something worth sharing with you all. But today, theres nothing obvious. After all, what is there left for me to say? I dont have any great secrets to tell because you already know whats happened to me since I started writing here: I was single back then and now I have a girlfriend, Leanne, who I like a lot, so this story has a very happy ending. Actually, its funny that after all the random ways Ive chatted up girls in the name of research, I ended up meeting Leanne in a bar. Nothing dramatic or unusual, just in a bar. Truth is, it doesnt matter how you meet someone you like. You just have to give yourself the best possible chance of it happening and the best way to do that is to stop worrying about rejection, which is the biggest lesson Ive learned from this. Just about everyone is far too scared of being rejected. Guys, there are no rules about where, when or how to ask a girl out. If you want to do it, just do it. And if she says no, that doesnt matter. Girls need to understand that sometimes there is nothing they can do to change a guys mind. Dont beat yourself up. Its not worth it. Just carry on having fun and being nice to people and youll win in the end. Ill stop preaching now and end by answering the question Ive been asked by almost everyone whos seen the column: no, Alice and I have never got it on. Playing the field Twosingletonssharetheirsearchforlove GI James popped the big question G UESS what? Im engaged! Yes, me, the girl who started off her column by admitting that she hadnt been laid in 18 months. The very same girl who snogged the gay spray tan man, was dateless for Valentines Day and was described by a dating expert as hopeless at flirting. Yes, if I can do it, anyone can, so today should be a day of hope for singletons, although also a day of mourning because due to my promotion I am no longer eligible to write this column. But before I say my goodbyes I should tell you how it all happened. Last week I mentioned GI James had been skulking about on the internet late at night and that my investigation had revealed a penchant, not for some lewd and unmentionable type of porn, but for diving websites. Well it turned out he had been planning some kind of underwater proposal. Thank goodness he changed his mind or this column could have been my obituary. Instead he took me to my favourite hotel where he produced the ring while we were drinking champagne in the Jacuzzi. As I move on to the next phase of my life, I shall miss the column and all of the opportunities that came along with it, but most of all I shall miss you, the readers. Much as I would love to witter on and delay the inevitable last few words, I know youve all got trains to catch so this is me, Alice von Simson, signing off for the last time. Well, you wouldnt want me to bore you all with my wedding plans, would you? ALICE VON SIMSON HUMFREY HUNTER POSH DATE Email your restaurant reviews to Seventies style: The Establishment, SW6 I WAS meeting my date for the second time and he wanted to take me out for dinner. Having heard great things about The Establishment (45-47 Parsons Green Lane, SW6, 020 7384 2418), he was keen to try it out with me. I was impressed by the service but I didnt like the Seventies style. I chose to start with the fabulous Metro cocktail (7.50) -- the fresh strawberries, passion fruit and passion fruit syrup topped with champagne and vodka were delicious. But my date was unsatisfied with his pink mojito (7.50). When he decided to order a plate of oysters for us I started to feel a bit uneasy as I have never tried them before and actually did not intend to. As the waitress then arrived with a bottle of Bollinger I got the impression he wanted to show off. In the end he persuaded me to try an oyster and I drowned it with champagne. My main course, a char-grilled chicken breast sandwich with Provenal vegetables and chips (9.50) was brilliant, but he said his steak sandwich with mustard mayo, rocket salad and chips (8.50) was just okay. I got a look at the bill (120) as my date was still complaining about his steak and once he paid we headed off to the Amuse Bouche bar next door, and again he was a bit too much of a show-off. TANJA, W10 slightly stilted minutes we got on really well. Im an actor and Charlotte is a PA but she does a lot of creative writing in her spare time. I do lean towards creative people. Anyone writing a novel like Charlotte has to be focused and have a lot of motivation. Writing a book is the kind of thing people talk about but never do. Im interested in anyone who has a passion for something -- I dont mind what its directed towards, its the quality that is attractive. The food at The Albion was amazing. We both had sea bass. The atmosphere was really nice -- it was a chilled-out place with really helpful staff. Charlotte fancied ros wine and I just went along with her choice -- we both got quite drunk. We spoke about random things like Facebook and cricket. I cant really remember the details because of the amount of booze we sank. We chatted about various music artists, too, as Charlotte works for Sony. Musically there is nothing I dont like, apart from country, and I think Charlotte has quite broad tastes as well. We did end up speaking about my career quite a bit but it just happened that way and I didnt instigate it. Conversation was veering off from work chat and then accidentally came back to me when we were talking about music as Im in a band. I dont normally talk about myself that much. I think the night felt more like a friend thing and I think shed say the same, too. I think we both prefer a more spontaneous situation when it comes to dating and like finding a spark with someone from a chance meeting. Saying that, Charlottes an attractive girl and Id like to see her again. Weve swapped a few texts since and I can imagine us meeting for another drink -- you never know how it might go from there. 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