Sarah Fawcett, who also failed to get tickets, said: This was our last chance to say goodbye. I had to be here. Within minutes of the ballot, tickets were on sale on the internet starting at 310. It was claimed today the Jacksons want the singers 15,000 gold-plated coffin entombed in concrete at the Forest Lawn cemetery in the Hollywood Hills. They fear fans could try to dig it up. Jackson, 50, will be buried without his brain after a coroner ordered further tests. Police suspect prescription drugs as a possible cause of his death on 25 June. Staples. A global TV audience of three billion is expected to watch the four- hour tribute, featuring Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and Justin Timberlake. Around 1.8 million people entered a public ballot to be allowed in, and many British fans boarded flights only to learn they were not among the lucky 8,750 who beat odds of 182-1 to bag a pair of tickets. Michelle Baker said: It was an 11-hour flight and we only came for three days. It wont be the same watching on TV. birth to their first child before the end of next month, stayed for more than hour wearing a pink cardigan and dark blue dress. Her hus- band ignored the black tie dress code and turned up in a dark suit and tie. Federer, who beat No 6 seed Roddick 5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, 16-14, including the longest mens final set, said: This is very special because of the situation with Mirka. Womens champion Serena Williams was also at the dinner and the two victors collected replicas of their trophies. London Lite Monday, 6 July 2009 gladiator star meets his match at wimbledon final Inbrief oldestbiblegets digitalmakeover The oldest surviving Bible has been published in full online. The Codex Sinaiticus has been scattered around the globe for more than a century, but the 800 surviving pages can be seen at The Codex, written in Greek on parchment in the fourth century, was more than 1,460 pages long. half of cannabis fines go unpaid MORe than half of the 977 Londoners given 80 on-the-spot fines for possessing cannabis have failed to pay. Met statistics show that in the four months since the penalties were introduced as part of a government crackdown on cannabis use, only 412 recipients have paid up within the 21-day limit. The remaining 565 offenders will be pursued by the courts. borisspeaksout overdaftsigns BORIS JOhNSON today attacked local councils for issuing pointless warnings. The Mayor branded officials the Royal Society of the extremely Stupid as he highlighted a graveyard where visitors are warned not to fall into sunken graves, a park bench with a warning sign reading May become wet and a sign reading Uneven surface at a pebbly beach. satellite to keep track of police The MeT is to spend 2.2m on satellite GPS radio systems so supervisors can keep track of officers on the beat. The move will counter safety concerns raised after Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson announced he wanted officers patrolling alone instead of in pairs. Presently, officers can only be tracked if they are in a patrol car. its maximus security,even formrcrowe Flying the flag: UK fans show their love at Jackson family home in Encino, California HE CAME, he saw, but Russell Crowe failed to conquer his favour- ite seats at the Wimbledon mens final yesterday. The fiery Gladiator actor was attempting to secure a better view of the tennis, but he met his match in one of the tournaments Royal Navy security guards. The guard made his point politely but firmly and Crowe eventually settled down somewhat sulkily to watch Roger Federer become the first player to win 15 grand slams, in an epic fight against Andy Roddick. Crowe, 45, has been involved in a number of rows over the years -- the most memorable being the incident where he threw a tele- phone at a hotel worker in 2005. Meanwhile, Federer today said h i s Wi m b l e d o n w i n o v e r Roddick had been so tense he feared his pregnant wife Mirka would go into labour. Mrs Federer was in the court-side box to see her Swiss husband notch up his record grand slam and reclaim the world No 1 spot. The couple were more relaxed later at the Champions Dinner at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hyde Park. Mrs Federer, due to give by bo wilson Thou shalt not pass: Crowes attempts to switch Centre Court seats are thwarted by the Royal Navy security guard Expecting: Federer with his pregnant wife Mirka last night Farewell to King Of Pop: Jacksons funeralistomorrow H THOUSANDS of British fans flying into Los Angeles today were warned to stay away from Michael Jacksons memorial service or face a tough police response. Airlines reported a rush of mourners paying up to 1,000 for the last seats on flights from the UK ahead of tomorrows star-studded funeral. The citys hotels were also inundated with enquiries. But in a security crackdown police said the nearly two million fans who missed out on just 17,500 public tickets would not be allowed anywhere near the Staples Center venue. LAPD assistant chief Jim McDonnell said: Anybody who doesnt hold proper credentials or tickets wont be allowed inside the security zone. 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