IN&OUTTONIGHTDIGITALCHOICE &PLANNER 22 Monday, 6 July 2009 London Lite PAy PER vIEw The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (2008) Sky Box Office Digital A bAby is born with the physique of a geriatric, but against all odds survives, and over the course of his lengthy and eventful life, grows steadily younger. David Finchers fantasy drama, with brad Pitt and Cate blanchett. The Spirit (2008) Sky Box Office Digital A rookie cop is killed in the line of duty, but returns from the grave as a masked crimefighter. He sets out to foil the plans of criminal mastermind the octopus. Comic-book adventure, with Gabriel Macht and Samuel L Jackson. BEST MOvIES Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) Sky Comedy, 8pm A MuSiCiAn is devastated when his actress girlfriend leaves him, and attempts to cure his broken heart with a holiday in Hawaii. unfortunately, his efforts to forget the past are scuppered when his ex turns out to be staying at the same resort, with her new boyfriend -- a successful rock star -- in tow. romantic comedy, starring Jason Segel, kristen bell and russell brand. Paper Moon (1973) Sky Indie, 8.15pm A ConMAn journeys across Depression-hit America with a canny nine-year-old orphan -- who soon manages to teach him a few tricks of the trade and win his affections in the process. Drama, starring ryan oneal alongside real-life daughter Tatum, who became the youngest ever best actress oscar winner for her performance. New love: Kristen Bell and Russell Brand star in the comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall Before Sunrise (1995) TCM, 9pm AMeriCAn tourist Jesse and French student Celine meet by chance on a train travelling to Vienna. The two strangers form a close connection almost instantly, and spend the day together in the city, discussing their hopes and dreams. However, their romance seems likely to last only a day, as Jesse is due to fly back home. richard Linklaters romantic drama, starring ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, erni Mangold, Dominik Castell, Haymon Maria buttinger and bilge Jeschim. The Beach (1999) Sky Drama, 10pm An iDeALiSTiC traveller arrives in bangkok, where a disturbing encounter provides him with the exact location of a remote paradise island. but when he finally makes it to the golden beaches, he discovers there is already a community in residence. All is not as it seems, however, and the happy idyll soon turns sour. Danny boyles drama, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, robert Carlyle, Guillaume Canet, Virginie Ledoyen, Tilda Swinton and Paterson Joseph. BEST ENTERTAINMENT Frasier Comedy Central, 8pm niLeS becomes Daphnes knight in shining armour when he saves her from the unwanted attentions of a former boyfriend -- but struggles to control his own feelings for the woman he has worshipped for so long. David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves star. The Simpsons Sky1, 8.30pm bArT falls in love with film star rainier Wolfcastles daughter, but their romance falters and she ends up going out with Milhouse in a bid to make him jealous. With the voice of reese Witherspoon. Gavin & Stacey BBC3, 9pm THe newlyweds find themselves leading separate lives back in their home towns. in essex, Smithy makes efforts to remind Gavin of the excitement of his bachelor years with a boys night out. Family Guy FX, 9.30pm LoiS becomes the sex education teacher at school, but faces the wrath of parents when they learn she is being honest about it. To the rescue: David Hyde Pierce stars in Frasier BEST DRAMA Doctor Who BBC3, 7pm An ALien dispatches Donna to a world where she never met the Doctor. only rose can help restore the timeline, but as the pair join forces, they hold the fate of all creation in their hands. New Tricks Alibi, 8pm THe team is given the task of re- examining the unsolved case of a peace protester found dead in 1984. Jonathan Creek G.O.L.D., 9pm A CoMeDiAn is found dead in a sealed fallout shelter. Locked in from the inside of the concrete bunker with no other means of exit, all clues point to suicide, but Maddy thinks otherwise. My Own Worst Enemy Sci-fi, 10pm (HD) HenryS personality asserts itself at an unfortunate moment, and he finds himself caught in a gunfight. BEST FACTUAL BEST SPORT Cycling: Tour de France Eurosport, 9pm THe tour continues with stage three, as the riders set off in the south-coast city of Marseilles and travel 195.5km to La Grande- Motte. Defending champion Carlos Sastre Candil, right, was considered as a climbing specialist for much of the early part of his career, which was never more evident than in his success in this event 12 months ago. My Breasts Could Kill Me Sky1, 9pm (HD) DAWn PorTer explores breast cancer and the stigmas connected to it. She also meets people whose lives have been changed due to the disease, and discovers that her own family history gives her a 40 per cent chance of developing it herself. Fighting cancers stigma: Dawn Porter Issue 456 | 17-8-08 Available in all good newsagents near you! 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