skipping, hula-hooping and even handstands, before getting her fitness fanatics on to the trampoline where, as well as traditional trampolining skills, they learn how to skip, do sit-ups and even use weights. Startingoff AS IM most interested in trampolin- ing, Anne-Sonia agrees to let me skive the warm-up and get straight into it. The first thing I learn is that you mount facing the trampoline, so if you fall flat on your face, your nose hits the bed, rather than the floor. Once up, my attention focuses on a red cross in the middle of the bed. According to Anne-Sonia, however high I go, I should always be aiming to land on that one spot. I start off with a few gentle bounces. It really is as much fun as it looks. But apparently its not enough to just jump up and down. Try to keep your toes pointed when youre in the air, Chanelle tells me. And suck your tummy in to keep you stable, says Anne-Sonia. And make sure youre landing on the cross each time, points out Natalie. My brain is already starting to hurt with all the thinking. Aerialshapes AFTER a couple of minutes bouncing up and down I can understand why this is serious cardiovascular activity. You wouldnt normally spend more than two minutes on the trampoline at a time, Anne-Sonia tells me as I struggle to get my breath back. Next, its time for me to learn the three key shapes that form many of the sports moves -- the tuck, where you bring your knees to your chest and your hands over your knees; the pike, where you bring your legs up in front of you and your hands reach forward towards your toes; and finally the straddle, which is similar to the pike but your legs are spread and your hands reach for your toes. The tuck jump is relatively easy, but I find that if I dont move into and out of the pike and the straddle quickly enough, theres a good chance Ill land on my bottom. Landings YOU might think thats a bad thing, but landing bum first, or a seat landing as its more properly called, is a viable option in trampolining. Although its meant to be deliberate, rather than accidental. To try to teach me how to do it properly, Chanelle has me sitting on the cross with my hands by my sides, palms flat on the bed facing forwards. Standing next to me, she bounces the trampoline leaving me boinging around on my bottom in a rather inelegant fashion. Then, as I bounce higher and higher, she counts to three and, with an extra large bounce, has me spring to my feet, the idea being that my feet end up where my bottom was. I practise the landing by jumping up and down a few times, landing on my bottom and springing straight to my feet once more. You can also land on your front (a front landing) and on your back (a back landing). Theburn AFTER my mini session I can see just how this is great exercise. Not only is it absolutely exhausting and demands a lot of core strength to balance, but many of the moves -- like the straddle and pike -- really work to whittle your waist, not to mention the leg muscles which, even though youre getting assistance from the trampoline, still have to propel you upwards. Carolyn Tompsett, 33, from Deptford, started bouncing her way to fitness in January and hasnt looked back. Ive seen a huge improvement in my cardiovascular fitness and my mid- section has shrunk, she said. I now buy trousers two sizes smaller. Before I go, Chanelle and Natalie show me what I could achieve if I stuck with it. As I watch them bouncing high and doing all sorts of complicated tumbles and twists, I decide I might well bounce back for more of this. Find out more at greenwichbouncers. The six-week Bounce Your Way To Fitness course costs 69.99 for six 90-minute sessions. Adult drop-in and coaching sessions cost 6.50 if you pay by the session, or 25 a month. London Lite Monday, 6 July 2009 13 TV PRESENTER Konnie Huq, 33, lives in London. WHEN Im working I have nothing before I leave the house and grab two slices of Marmite on toast at the studio. If I have the time Ill have muesli and yogurt, or egg on toast with avocado. I drink tea and hot water through the day, the occasional caramel macchiato coffee and sometimes a fruit juice. I have a sandwich for lunch -- rocket and crayfish or tuna and sweetcorn on granary bread -- and if the catering table has bread and butter pudding I find it hard to resist. At night I like Thai, Vietnamese or Indian, followed by a Ben & Jerrys or one of those G desserts as a treat. I also like chocolate as a snack -- a Flake or a small bar of Green & Blacks. When stocking the fridge I like to have smoked mackerel and yogurt (delicious mashed together), semi-skimmed milk, fruit and veg, and fruit juice. Nutritionist Fiona Hunter says: AVOCADO is a strange option for breakfast but its an excellent source of vitamins B6 and E and heart-friendly fats. Breakfast is good for getting whole grains into the diet so if Konnie doesnt have muesli she should eat wholemeal toast. Unlike fresh tuna, the canned variety doesnt contain Omega-3 fats so Konnie should have a salmon sandwich or choose Omega-3-rich eggs for breakfast. Her meals are quite healthy but there are a few treats creeping into her diet so she needs to keep an eye on this and replace puddings during the week with a fresh fruit salad, saving the less healthy desserts for a weekend treat. 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