This is Londons MESSAGEBOARDemail your views to or log on to 10 Monday, 6 July 2009 London Lite how can we tell tourists clogging up the kerb at westminster that the red man means cross the road with attitude not wait? Andy, TW7 Amy winehouse should get a refund on her holiday -- six months and still no suntan!! Pylie, Herts if i was to randomly ask a girl for a drink on the Tube, would she say yes? Chris, E14 Andy murrAy, officially scottish now. Patrick, W2 new to weetabix. Can anyone suggest the best way to eat so that each mouthful is moist but not mushy? Virgin, SE19 siTTing on train, a man comes up to me and demands i get out of his seat. Apparently hes been sitting in the same seat for 10 years. i refuse. he asks, do you even know how to drive the train? Tas, E4 ive managed to acquire a running injury. do i adopt the sensible resting approach or go for the good ol Tubigrip and ibuprofen solution? Jogger, London To the person who ripped out my earphones last monday as you got on the train and i got off at highbury & islington station: any chance of getting them back please? Silenced iPhone, N18 does anyone know of a good place to go rollerblading in south London or kent? Ty, Bromley To The the girl with the long blonde hair on the harwich train on friday night: i saw you checking me out. im such a fox. grrr. Rob, W14 JusT got a book back id lent to a friend -- except now lots of pages folded at the corner. Acceptable? use a bookmark, surely? Reader, SW9 sLeePy (Txts, Fri): loud bang in Chingford early Thursday morning was lorry exploding on sewardstone road. Insomniac, E4 To The guy on the phone on the 5.45 train from victoria, what did you want the doctors to do in half an hour? were dying to know! Eaves, SW1 Chris (Txts, Thurs): can tell you most women would love flowers from a lovely man, pity you picked the most miserable woman in kent. Better luck next time. Michelle, N16 guy on the 18.15 from Battersea to Peckham always trying to stop yourself falling asleep -- thanks, you make me feel awake! Groggy, SE14 Are you all aware we are about to do our best in recent years in the Tour de france? go Bradley wiggins! go mark Cavendish! Spoken, London C CAmBs (Txts, Fri): you object to man using electric shaver on Tube but i often see ladies doing make- up and hair, even seen some plug in straightener on rail train! Matt, EN2 mAThs teachers, eh? its always just one problem after another... Harry, London Was it a great Wimbledon? IM SO delighted to hear the news that Amy Winehouse, pictured, is now ready to relaunch herself in the music business with the release of the album by singer Zalon, the first on the stars own label. Amys a great talent -- music needs her. Allen, NW5 ItS about time that Amy got back to doing what made her famous. She is a talented singer but her daily appearances in the gossip pages mean she is at risk of being famous as just another celebrity. Ella, Camden AMy, Blur, Lily Allen and Dizzee Rascal prove London are at the heartbeat of all thats exciting about music. I cant wait for her new stuff. R Norris, Richmond The Beckhams look ridiculous in the new Armani ads. never have two models looked less sexual. There is something completely un-smouldering about them. i cant look at david without hearing his squeaky voice. D Wallace, Kings Cross so now that the heatwave is over, are we going to have all kinds of scary warnings about the coming rain? These health alerts are simply getting more and more ridiculous. Heather, Lewisham Another thing HaveyoustruggledtogethomefromO2?Istheplinthagoodidea? Can Amy get back to her best? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See o F COURSE every British fan was sad to see Andy Murray exit in the semi-final, but lets keep perspective. His time will come, and in the meantime weve been truly privileged to witness Roger Federer make history by winning a record 15th major cham- pionship. The only shame was that Andy Roddick had to be a loser after such a heroic effort in a classic final. Stephanie, St Albans ROgER FEdERER not only plays like a champion -- probably the greatest of all time -- but he carries himself like one as well. All credit to a great sportsman for the way he conducted himself in vic- tory but also last years final defeat. Lolly, London Andy MURRAy gripped the whole nation for nearly two weeks. He is a credit to British sport and makes me a proud Scotsman. does anyone truly doubt now that he will win it eventually? Alistair, Finchley THE FInAL was great yesterday but, Murray aside, the rest of the tournament was boring. There arent enough characters about. Bring John McEnroe out of retirement! Johnny, London THE revela- tion of the champion- s h i p w a s greg Rusedskis BBC commentary. He is insightful, clever and analytical. I cant say the same about Tim Henman. Steph, PE26 WITHIn an hour of the final I was having withdrawal symptoms. The tournament had everything. Lets hope the Ashes are just as exciting -- and that we have a bit more success in the cricket against Australia! Elle, SE17 WHy does this non- event take ove r my TV for two weeks? It plays havoc with my schedule. Sport fans should get Sky Sports or have to watch what the majority of the population want to watch. Terri, Camberwell Textpoll Q: Should public sector staff have their pay frozen? ourlastresultCan our troops win in Afghanistan? YES 23% NO 77%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. 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