London Lite Friday, 3 July 2009 7 Ihelpedmy ME girldie Drinktonight ...somewhereglitzy BOB BOB RICARD HERE at Bob Bob Ricard we fancy that we might just have found whats the drink of the year. It couldnt really be much simpler: just a regular gin and tonic, but with added rhubarb (7.50). Yet the crispness and cleanness of the flavours combine to make something thats much, much more than the sum of its parts. Plus it comes served in a cute, bespoke glass at BBR, the restaurant and cocktail bar that looks like an Edwardian train carriage. Recommended. 1 Upper James Street, W1 (020 3145 1000) MOLTON HOUSE DONT be put off by Molton Houses membership committee -- including Blurs Alex James, supermodel Helena Christensen and screen stars Nicholas Hoult and James Nesbitt -- because the esteemed establishment tells us Lite readers are very welcome, too. Call ahead to book a table and enjoy the glitz while sipping on your Molton Mule (12): vodka, pineapple and peppercorns. Do try to keep the autograph book tucked away, mind. 43 South Molton Street, W1 (020 7493 1688) CHRIS BEANLAND ADVERTISEMENT Market Place 11 Market Place London W1W 8AH A FEW short steps from Oxford Circus lies a vibrant and funky late-night music bar. Upstairs youll find crowds spilling out onto the street and under the huge shady tree, while downstairs youll discover a basement bar where DJs from all corners of the world regularly play everything from disco to reggae. Join the aesthetically pleasing, yet unpretentious post-work crowd on the terrace for a Savanna or two any night of the week, then venture downstairs to unwind properly. Market Place covers all bases and is slap bang in the middle of the West End, what more could you want? Take the peanuts to a higher place and set the chicken free. Transcend everyday cooking when you master the art of Chinese cuisine with new Wanchai Ferry recipe kits. Create unique and delicious dishes enriched with truly enticing, specially sourced ingredients.Toast peanuts until crunchy and blend with the lively heat of red chillies to elevate an ordinary stir-fry into a Kung Pao Chicken dish. As pleasurable to make as they are to eat. 2009GeneralMills Cleared: mum who wasaccusedoflying for a school place A MOTHER today admitted aiding and abetting the suicide of her daughter who suffered from ME. Bridget Gilderdale, 54, denied attempted murder of Lynn, 31, last December when she was sent for trial at Lewes Crown Court in East Sussex. year-old son into a popular primary. But the council has decided to abandon the case after receiving legal advice that its use of the Fraud Act 2006 could be open to challenge. Harrow today called on ministers to tighten the law. Mrs Patel, 41, slammed the council for putting her through an unnecessary ordeal. She said: Hearing that the case was dropped was such a relief. It has been an extremely difficult time for my whole family, especially the children. On the application form to get her son Rhys into Pinner Park First School, Mrs Patel said she was living permanently at her mothers address, a short walk from the school, which allocates places to children who live closest. It was reported that she had moved out of the family home due to marital problems. After Rhys was accepted, Mrs Patel said she decided to move back into her hus- bands home, well outside the catchment area. She said she told the council and they said Rhys could not be accepted. The leader of Harrow council, David Ashton, said: This case was never about BY GEORGINA LITTLEJOHN outbreak. This latest fatality follows the deaths of Sameerah Ahmad, six, from Birmingham, Jacqui Fleming, 38, from Glasgow, and a 73-year-old man from Inverclyde. All had underlying health problems. Mr Burnham said the Government has signed contracts to secure enough vaccine for the whole population, with the first shots becoming available next month. London has already had enough cases to force health officials to adopt the policy of outbreak management. However, an NHS statement stressed that swine flu is a mild illness for most people. David Beckhams 11-year-old niece, Georgina Every, is battling the virus after catching it on a school trip to the Peter Gordon Lawrence adventure camp in Surrey. The England and AC Milan soccer star has sent Georgina -- whose mum Lynne is his sister -- his best wishes for recovery. A MOTHER who became the first parent to face prosecution for fraud over allegedly lying to get her son into a high-achieving school has had charges against her abandoned. Mrinal Patel faced up to a year in jail or a 5,000 fine after Harrow council accused her of lying about where she lived to get her five- persecuting mothers who wish to do the best for their children. It was about defending the integrity of the school system against those who might seek to flout it. Ordeal: Mrinal Patel denied Harrow councils claim Continued from Page 1 Beckhamniece hitbyswineflu index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html