LITESPORT Lions tour is a unique experi- ence inthe busy, modernprofes- sional rugby calendar. The 2009 Lions have thrown themselvesintothespiritof the tour, have inter-acted with the people of South Africa and shown themselves to be great ambassadors As a squad they have met many challenges on the tour including playing two matches perweek,theinevitableinjuries and two narrow Test losses. Despitethistheyhaveremained a tight, focussed squad and I knowthoseplayingintheThird Test will give their all to ensure that we achieve a victory on Saturday. It is fair to say injuries have hadanimpactonthetourasyou would expect. For this Third Test we were unfortunate to lose Brian ODriscoll, Jamie Roberts, GethinJenkinsandAdamJones through injury last Saturday. However, the players coming into the starting fifteen are all talented international players and are as keen as ever to turn the tables on the Springboks at Ellis Park. Last Saturday we were min- utes away from winning and that is a huge positive to take into the Third Test. Andrew Sheridan, Joe Wors- leyandMartynWilliamswillall be part of a Lions starting XV for the first time. London Lite Thursday, 2 July 2009 37 Pause for thought: Phil Vickery comes face to face with Tendai The Beast Mtawarira in Durban -- they meet again at Ellis Park on Saturday V for Vickery as the Beast looms again BY NEAL COLLINS Bakkies out, Boks ring changes SOUTH AFRICA lock Bakkies Botha has lost his appeal against a two-week ban for a dangerous charge on Lions prop Adam Jones during last weeks second Test in Pretoria. Botha (left, having a friendly chat with Andrew Sheridan last week) misses Saturdays final Test at Ellis Park. The Boks lead the series 2-0 and have made 10 changes. Only scrum-half Fourie du Preez, flanker Juan Smith, lock Victor Matfield and props Tendai Mtawarira and John Smit keep their places. TEAM:ZKirchner;ONdungane,JFourie,WOlivier,JNokwe;M Steyn,FduPreez;TMtawarira,CRalepelle,JSmit,JMuller,V Matfield,HBrussow,JSmith,RKankowski. PHILVICKERYhasreceivedthe full backing of Lions scrum coach Graeme Rowntree as he prepares for the huge psycho- logical challenge of the final Test at Ellis Park on Saturday after being called up to replace Adam Jones earlier today. The former England captain, 32, was given a torrid time by Tendai The Beast Mtawarira during the first Test loss in Durbanandwasdroppedforthe second defeat in Pretoria last Saturday. But before the final episode in the lost series, Rowntree said: Phils a strong character, one of the strongest characters I have come across in the game. Ive no doubt, and I will back theblokeonthis,thathewillget back out there and give a good performance. I think it will be a huge psy- chological challenge, but one he is capable of overcoming. Its going to be tough. Lets not beat around the bush, it was an uncomfortable day in the office for Phil, by his own admittance. But there is no-one else out there with his strength of char- acterasanindividual.Ivenever come across any- one better. Naming his final side of t h e t o u r today, head c o a c h I a n McGeechan said:A injuriesinevitabletheweek,per losses.Testnarrowtwoand changesringBoksout,Bakkies SOUTH AFRICA lock Bakkies Botha has lost his appeal against a two-week ban for a dangerous charge on Lions prop Adam Jones during last weeks second Test in Pretoria. Botha (left, having a friendly chat with Andrew Sheridan last week) come across any- one better. hisNaming ofsidenalfi t o u rt h e headtoday, I a nc o a c h McGeechan Asaid: LITEANDBITTER YesterdayweranaletterfromadisgruntledSouthAfrican claimingtheLitescoverageoftheLionssecondTestwas slanted.Weaskedforyourresponses...andheretheyare: To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. followed by a space and your message Each text costs 50p plus standard network charges >>Text LL RANT to 65400 Terms apply. See WHILST the word disgrace can be debated, what cannot be denied is that South Africa have recently introduced an approach which now hangs like a dark cloud over international rugby. It makes supporters of the game uneasy -- only they dont quite know why and cant quite explain. David Matthews THE South African style of rugby will never be as popular to the rest of the world as the All Blacks. The Springbok approach is based heavily on physicality and the need to show whos boss. Watching Bismarck du Plessis standing over a prone Brian ODriscoll was ridiculous. Dhylan Kandasamy I am a freelance [sport] psychologist. Eye gouging itself needs no further discussion. However the responses made by the coach leave me embarrassed as a South African. Mandy Pilz EVERYONE in rugby knows that the Springboks are the dirtiest rugby playing nation, and the Test match on Saturday backed up that view. I may be a cynical, biased Englishman, but there was blatant eye gouging in the first minute and continuous late hits after the whistle at every opportunity. Whilst the Boks continue to play outside of the rules, and persist in the niggly, dirty play that is their trademark, they will not gain the respect of anyone outside their own country. Jabbabond007 THE Boks have a fairly exemplary record on and off the field (apart from the odd blemish), and I am of the opinion that world rugby would be much poorer without their physical approach to the game. Your article was very biased. Sheridans blow to Bekkers crotch was not even mentioned, neither the reckless and very dangerous tackle of ODriscoll on Rossouw. The Six Lions sent to hospital injuries were all directly attributable to either their own recklessness or the intensity of the match. Danie Kritzinger THE Bok bashing in the media since Sunday has been unfair. The eye gouging incident is NOT part of the game we play. The tendency in the British media is to make heroes out of losers, never gracious in defeat -- always focusing on what could have been. Like Ian McGeechan rightly said: You havent played rugby until you have played in South Africa. By the way, I have been living in the UK for nine years. I even have a replica Bath Rugby shirt. Rudi Steyn IM glad somebody stood up against the whinging. Are you condoning the Lions behaviour? Ryan Bayman, Epsom I DONT feel victimised as the British Press watched a different match to the South Africans. Yes, we all agree that Schalk Burger should have been dispatched and banned for longer than eight weeks, but you may want to watch a few Lions indiscretions, www.sarugby. net/video.aspx?id=6717. I am sure your inbox has overflowed, keep up the good newspaper just try reporting on both sides! Andrew Brown LABELLING the Springboks a Disgrace is a disgrace in itself. Yes, the Lions suffered five injuries, but the Springboks did not get away unscathed either. Rob Boland IT amazes me how not one word was published about the numerous high tackles (Simon Shaw), the illegal late dangerous charges (Brian ODriscoll) and the low blows (Andrew Sheridan). Come on, publish this to prove how diplomatic LiteSport really is. David van Niekerk BAKKIES BOTHA had only one thing on his mind, and that was to hurt Adam Jones. Get a life. The Boks have brought shame to the game of rugby. The headline Disgrace has never been better used. Ian Humphries THE most galling thing about both Burgers and De Villiers stupidity is that theyve given the whinging one-eyed English press a perfect excuse for another one of their abject failures. Many of you guys STILL think that Cuetos foot wasnt on the line in the Rugby World Cup final. Dave Stephens I AGREE with Steve, I think the article was a bit over the top. Why do we all sling mud when someone loses a game? This great match has been overshadowed by the idiot coach De Villiers. Eric Anderson IM a Lions fan and your headline was totally misleading. Sour grapes. Justin Maddock index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html