SATELLITE Freeview Lite choiceFilm London Lite Thursday, 2 July 2009 27 skypremiere skycomedy skyaction/thriLLer skyFamiLy skydrama skysci-Fi/horror skyscreen1/hd skyscreen2/hd tcm FiLm4 skyindie 6.00 Gone Baby Gone. Crime drama, starring Casey Affleck and Morgan Freeman. Made Of Honor. A man in love with his best friend tries to stop her marrying someone else. Romantic comedy, starring Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan and Kevin McKidd. The Ruins. Tourists exploring Mayan ruins are attacked by hostile villagers and carnivorous plants. Horror, starring Jena Malone and Shawn Ashmore. 11.40 Priceless. Comedy. 6.25 Carry On Columbus. The seafaring explorer tries to reach the Indies. With Jim Dale. The Comebacks. A failed American football coach gets a second chance to prove his worth when he is recruited to take over a Texas university team. With David Koechner and Carl Weathers. The Golden Child. A detective is employed to locate a mystical youngster with the power to bring about world peace. With Eddie Murphy. 11.40 Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas 5.15 The Eiger Sanction. With Clint Eastwood. 35MM. News from the world of film. X-Men. Powerful mutants defend the human race from a superhuman terrorist faction. With Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Anna Paquin, Halle Berry, James Marsden and Ray Park. Marked For Death. A former narcotics agent searches for an elusive drug kingpin who has tried to kill his family. With Steven Seagal and Basil Wallace. 11.40 Predator. Action thriller. 6.30 Daddy Day Camp. Comedy sequel, with Cuba Gooding Jr and Lochlyn Munro. National Treasure: Book Of Secrets. An archaeologist sets out to clear his ancestors of involvement in the Lincoln assassination. Adventure sequel, starring Nicolas Cage, Helen Mirren and Ed Harris. 10.10 The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. A teenager must prevent dark forces from recovering a mystical artefact. Fantasy adventure, with Alexander Ludwig and Christopher Eccleston. 6.00 Georgia Rule. With Jane Fonda, Lindsay Lohan, Felicity Huffman and Dermot Mulroney. Sleuth. A vengeful reclusive author draws his wifes lover into a battle of wits. Remake of the 1972 thriller, starring Michael Caine and Jude Law. Chaplin. Chronicling the life and career of the film comedian -- including his many love affairs and the scandals he faced. With Robert Downey Jr, Dan Aykroyd, Anthony Hopkins, John Thaw, Kevin Kline and Chaplins real-life daughter Geraldine. 5.35 The Avengers 7.10 The Wicker Man. A police officer receives a message from his former fiance, asking him to help find her daughter. With Nicolas Cage, Ellen Burstyn and Kate Beahan. The Mummy. A soldier of fortune joins an expedition to an ancient Egyptian lost city. But the explorers accidentally cause the spirit of a vengeful priest to rise from his tomb. Adventure, starring Brendan Fraser. 11.10 Saw III. With Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith and Angus MacFadyen. 6.10 Enchanted. Fantasy comedy, starring Amy Adams, James Marsden and Susan Sarandon. Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone. An orphaned boy endures a miserable childhood, until he discovers he has magical powers and begins studying at a school for other young wizards. Fantasy adventure, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. 10.40 Taxi Driver. A cab driver becomes increasingly disturbed in his isolation, with violent results. Drama, with Robert De Niro. The Last Of The Mohicans. A frontiersman rescues and falls in love with a British officers daughter during the Anglo-French War. Adventure, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeleine Stowe. Hitman. An assassin becomes the target after he fails to complete a kill and a rival agent is sent to tie up loose ends. Action thriller, starring Timothy Olyphant. 10.40 Doomsday. Violent futuristic thriller, starring Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins, Malcolm McDowell and Craig Conway. 5.50 Mark Of The Vampire 7.05 Elvis: Thats The Way It Is. Following preparations for Elvis Presleys return to live performance in 1969, including concert footage of a master showman at work. Cool Hand Luke. A chain-gang prisoner becomes a hero to his fellow convicts for his stand against authority and repeated escape attempts. Drama, starring Paul Newman, George Kennedy, JD Cannon and Dennis Hopper. 11.25 Presumed Innocent. Thriller, with Harrison Ford. 5.05 The Frogmen 7.10 Clueless. A rich teenager tries to boost her new friends popularity, but her love life suffers as a result. Comedy, with Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash and Brittany Murphy. Collateral. A taxi driver endures the longest night of his life when his cab is hijacked by a hitman. Michael Manns thriller, starring Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett Smith and Mark Ruffalo 11.15 Black Rain. Thriller, starring Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia. 6.30 Waitress. A small town waitress hopes to raise enough money to be able to leave her husband. Drama, with Keri Russell. 8.20 Year Of The Dog. A secretary embarks on a strange journey of self-discovery after her beloved pet dog dies. Comedy, with Molly Shannon and Peter Sarsgaard. Cradle Will Rock. Fact-based drama chronicling the problems faced by banking legend Nelson Rockefeller and theatrical giant Orson Welles in Thirties America. With Hank Azaria. movies 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm sara cox, 7pm, itV2 mark harmon, 8pm, FX Jenny Frost, 8.30pm, BBc3 Bret harrison, 9pm, e4 stephen Fry, 10pm, Blighty Blythe duff, 10.55pm, alibi skysports1 skysports2 skysports3 skysportsXtra eurosport espncLassic Live Darts. Coverage of day two of the Las Vegas Classic, featuring the remaining first-round matches at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Phil Taylor needed to be at his best to reach round two last year, fending off a spirited challenge by Kevin Painter to progress with a 6-4 victory, although Raymond van Barneveld had few such problems in his 6-0 demolition of Matt Clark. Time Of Our Lives. Former Sunderland players look back at their time at the club. Race World. The latest motor sport highlights, from karting to the world of Formula One. Cricket. England Lions v Australia. Highlights of the second days play at New Road in Worcestershire. The Lions included several players who were aiming to catch the selectors eyes. Live Poker. Coverage of the latest Sky Poker Five-00 tournament, which features 500 online players competing for a guaranteed prize pool of 5,000 on a weekly basis. 6.30 Transworld Sport. Action and features. Live Rugby League. Barrow Raiders v Toulouse (Kick-off 7.30pm). Coverage of the Championship encounter at Craven Park, where the hosts are aiming to avenge last months surprise defeat. WWE: Late Night -- Raw. Wrestling action from the States with the over-the-top stars, featuring the likes of Shawn Michaels, Triple H and John Cena. Presented by Michael Cole. Extreme Championship Wrestling 6.30 Ten Pin Bowling. Highlights. Ocean Adventures. Magazine show. Golf Night. Di Stewart and Robert Lee review the latest tournaments from around the world, with a special focus on the European and US Tours. Plus, interviews with players making the headlines. Race World. The latest motor sport highlights, from off-road activities to Formula One. Ocean Adventures. Magazine show. Rugby League. Barrow Raiders v Toulouse. 6.45 Planet Armstrong 7.15 Inside The Teams. Behind-the-scenes. 7.45 MotoGP. The MotoGP Dutch Grand Prix. A chance to see the seventh race of the season, held at the TT Circuit Assen. Last years race was won by Australian Casey Stoner. 9.45 Cycling: Tour De France. The teams are presented ahead of the 2009 staging of the race. 10.45 Cavendishs Tour De France 2008. The story of Mark Cavendishs stage-13 victory. 11.45 Cycling 6.45 Decade Of Great Matches 7.15 Test Match Legends. The 2005 Ashes series. 7.50 The Legends Speak 8.20 Rugby Union. South Africa v British & Irish Lions in the third Test in 1997. 9.25 An Aussie Goes Barmy. Actor Hugh Jackman challenges a friend to infiltrate the Barmy Army. Cricinfo: Inside The Ashes Test Match Legends. The 2005 Ashes series. 11.35 Premier League Football entertainment channels 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm discoVery nat.geographic history yesterday Bio BLighty eden sky1 Virgin1 BBc3 BBc4 itV2 itV3 itV4 e4 more4 LiVing g.o.L.d. aLiBi comedycentraL FX sci-Fi The Simpsons. Lisa becomes a Buddhist. The Simpsons. Ned comes to the rescue. The Real A&E. The A&E team treats a factory worker who injured himself doing DIY. Bones. A corpse is found buried under a mound of salt in a de-icing truck. Emily Deschanel stars. Lie To Me. Torres suspects Cal has personal interests to a series of suicides. Bones. Brennan and Booth waste no time investigating the case of a decomposed body. The X Files. A disturbed youngster undergoing counselling is suspected of murder. Star Trek: The Next Generation. A routine mission leads to a surprise for Data. Blown Away. A ruthless bomber terrorises Boston, but meets his match in the form of an explosives expert. Thriller, starring Jeff Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones, Lloyd Bridges, Forest Whitaker, Suzy Amis and Caitlin Clarke. 11.20 Sexcetera. Bespoke sex dolls. 11.55 Road To V Doctor Who. The Time Lord is trapped on a tourist shuttle. 7.45 Doctor Who Confidential Snog, Marry, Avoid? Makeover show. Snog, Marry, Avoid? With Jenny Frost. Can I Get High Legally? George Lamb investigates the world of legal drugs. EastEnders. Al gives Heather support. The Real Hustle On Holiday. A sinister scam. Family Guy. Peter undergoes surgery. 11.25 Family Guy 11.50 Can I Get High Legally? World News Today In Search Of Englands Green And Pleasant Land Hidden Histories. With Huw Edwards. The Sky At Night. Studying the moon. Crude Britannia: The Story Of North Sea Oil. The impact of the Gulf War. Last in the series. The Secret Life Of The Airport. Experiences of the modern-day airport. Last in the series. The High Life. Sebastian returns from Florida. Meet The British. Britains image abroad. All Star Family Fortunes. Sara Cox and Jimmy Osmond compete. 7.45 Creature Comforts Americas Got Talent. Acts compete in the first semi-final in LA. Jerry Springer hosts. Katie And Peter: Stateside. The couple meet a boy with the same condition as Harvey. Notting Hill. A recently divorced bookshop owner finds love with a glamorous Hollywood film star. Romantic comedy, starring Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts and Rhys Ifans. On The Buses. Stan and Jack tease Blakey. Carry On Laughing. Comedy sketches. Ladies Of Letters. Irene joins a protest. Rising Damp. Rigsby woos Miss Jones. Billy Connolly: Journey To The Edge Of The World. The comedian heads south. Last in the series. The Forsyte Saga. A bereavement unites the family and provides them with an opportunity for juicy speculation about the state of Soames marriage. 11.40 Numb3rs. A painting is stolen. Minder. A tape incriminating two policemen is mistakenly delivered to Daley Videos. Police, Camera, Action! Reckless motorists. Ultimate Police Chases: Nowhere To Run Doctors And Nurses At War. The medics deal with a suicide bombing. Last in the series. First Blood. A Vietnam veteran returning home finds himself wrongfully imprisoned and mistreated by a small-time sheriff. Action thriller, with Sylvester Stallone and Richard Crenna. Hollyoaks. Mercedes nurses her husband. My Name Is Earl. Randy tries to go to jail. Friends. Rachel loses Rosss monkey. Friends. Chandler finds it tough being ignored. Reaper. New series. Sam, Sock and Ben lose their jobs and apartment. Bret Harrison stars. 9.55 The Big Bang Theory. Comedy. 10.25 Plus One. Comedy, starring Daniel Mays. The Kevin Bishop Show. Comedy sketches. Fonejacker. Prank telephone calls. Grand Designs. A couple battle against rain, wind and flooding to restore a 300-year-old ruin. More4 News. Alex Thomson presents. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares USA. The chef revisits several restaurants he helped during the series to find out whether the owners took his advice. 10.40 Without A Trace. A food-eating champion disappears. 11.40 Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares USA Greys Anatomy. Meredith and Derek begin to realise the disadvantages of their relationship. Private Practice. A woman asks for labour to be induced, and a teenagers HIV status is revealed Private Practice. Addison and Sam wrestle with the practices financial difficulties. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. A former boxing star is found dead. Peter Stormare guest stars. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Grissom investigates when a human head is found. Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads? Comedy sequel. 7.40 Porridge. The inmates face a day of hard labour. 8.20 Only Fools And Horses. Rodney joins a band. Only Fools And Horses. Dels mum makes contact during a seance at the Nags Head. Little Britain USA. Guest star Sting sings a duet. 10.35 Little Britain. Comedy sketches, with Matt Lucas. 11.15 Only Fools And Horses. Rodney ties the knot with Cassandra. Judge John Deed. A single mother fighting a lawsuit against the mobile phone company she blames for her incurable cancer asks Jo Mills to take care of her son after her death. Dalziel & Pascoe. While Andy Dalziel recovers from illness, beleaguered detective Peter Pascoe returns to his home town to attend a wedding -- but is soon embroiled in a murder case. 10.55 Taggart. Jardine and Reid investigate an embittered stage hypnotist. Blythe Duff stars. The King Of Queens. Doug plays table tennis. The King Of Queens. Kevin James stars. Scrubs. JD resolves to be a better boyfriend. Scrubs. Elliot splashes out on the apartment. Two And A Half Men. Jake seeks advice. Two And A Half Men. Charlie ignores Alan. Scrubs. JD struggles with a difficult decision. Sex And The City. Aidan and Carrie have problems. 11.05 Sex And The City. Mirandas mother dies. 11.40 Two And A Half Men JAG. Harm sets out to claim legal guardianship of Mattie Grace. David James Elliott stars. NCIS. Gibbs tries to extract information from a convict on death row. Mark Harmon stars. Family Guy. Stewie plans a trip to England. Family Guy. The Griffins gain super powers. Testees. Amy becomes a test subject for a day. American Dad! Stan is outraged by Francine. Dexter. The forensics expert tries to outwit Miguel Prado. Michael C Hall stars. Knight Rider. The team searches for a murderer within its own ranks. Justin Bruening stars. Bionic Woman. Jaime takes on a mission to protect a contractors daughter. My Own Worst Enemy. Henrys personality asserts itself at an unfortunate moment. Dollhouse. Echo is drawn to a college where the student body has been affected by a drug. Knight Rider. Knight Industries investigates a criminal couple. Justin Bruening stars. Mythbusters. Investigating whether it is possible to slip on a banana skin. How Do They Do It? Manufacturing mirrors. How Does That Work? Slushie machines. Extreme Loggers. The lumberjacks construct an ice bridge to help transport the timber. Deadliest Catch. The Wizards resident greenhorn endures a humiliating tirade. Whale Wars. The Sea Shepherds devise a plan to create an international incident. Rameses The Great. The exploits of the pharaoh and the legacy he left behind. Megastructures. Profile of cargo ship OOCL Hamburg, one of the worlds largest vessels. Bridges Of New York. Documentary exploring the citys most iconic architecture. Tunnel To A Lost World. Archaeologists investigate the ancient port of Constantinople. Megafactories. Pilots and workers at the Boeing plant where Apache helicopters are built. Extreme Trains. Matt Bown rides on the Union Pacifics Omaha to Sacramento train. Mega Movers. How an oil rig was transported from Singapore to the Gulf of Mexico. Expedition: Africa. Explorers retrace Henry Morton Stanleys trip through Africa in 1871. Ancient Discoveries. Exploring the remarkably advanced technology of the ancient world. Extreme Trains. Matt Bown rides on the Union Pacifics Omaha to Sacramento train. Poldark. Demelza resists her attraction to Hugh but learns about Ross clandestine encounters. Battleplan. Examples of military commanders opting to fight a defensive battle. Tales From The Green Valley. Spring arrives. Tales From The Green Valley. Cleaning the farm. Heroes Of World War Two. With Nigel Spivey. Heroes Of World War Two. Scientist RV Jones. Poldark. Demelza resists her attraction to Hugh but learns about Ross clandestine encounters. Strip Search. Sharon teaches the routine. Strip Search. The guys receive makeovers. Psychic Detectives. Unsolved crimes. Psychic Detectives. Uncovering clues. Psychic Academy. New series. Members of the public unlock their clairvoyant powers. Psychic Investigators. New series. Psychic Detectives. Baffling police cases. Psychic Academy. Tony Stockwell helps members of the public unlock their clairvoyant powers. Who Do You Think You Are? Nicky Campbell traces his adoptive familys history. Dog Borstal. Lynne Davies meets a clever collie she thinks has been outsmarting its owner. Coast. The team travels down the west of Scotland between Arran and Gretna. Who Do You Think You Are? Stephen Fry traces his maternal grandfather, Martin Neumann. Cars, Cops And Criminals. MP Robert Goodwill clones Gordon Browns official number plate. Wild Weather. Surviving extremes of cold. Donal MacIntyre visits Greenland. Trek: Spy On The Wildebeest. Part one of two. Africas great wildebeest migration. Natural World. Wildlife biologists undertake an unprecedented experiment in Anchorage. Tribe. Bruce Parry sails to Anuta in the South Pacific, home to an isolated tribal community. Around The World In 80 Gardens. Monty Don visits the private oasis of artist Burle Marx. factual 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm sPort 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html