TELEVISION Filmchoice FILM RATINGS excellent very good good average poor KEY (R)repeat (S)subtitles on text service STEPHEN MARR BBC2 ITV1 Channel 4 Five London Lite Thursday, 2 July 2009 25 10.30 This Morning (S). With Hotel Babylon star Emma Pierson and the cast of Wicked. 12.30 Loose Women (S). With Johnny Ball. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News (S). 1.55 London News And Weather (S). 2.00 Dickinsons Real Deal (R,S). From Nantwich, Cheshire. 3.00 Daily Cooks Challenge (S). Merrilees Parker and Martin Blunos cook for June Sarpong. 3.59 London Weather (S). 4.00 Midsomer Murders (R,S). Part one of two. Mystery surrounds a local writers circle. 5.00 The Chase (S). Quiz show, hosted by Bradley Walsh. 6.00 London Tonight (S); Weather. 6.30 ITV Evening News (S); Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale (S). Natasha dreads spending time with her husband when Maisie and Nathan book a hotel break for their parents, and Mark is frustrated when Faye calls. 7.30 Countrywise (S). 15/36. Paul Heiney and the team are in the Cotswolds to visit a village that topped a poll of the best places to live in the UK. Plus, Bettany Hughes explores a Gothic mansion. 8.00 The Bill (S,HD). Part two of six. The fire at the E1 bar reveals the fact that the Devlins had many enemies, and Smithy starts to take their arrogance personally. Investigators find cocaine and forged identity documents in the debris of the barmans flat, but he insists he knew nothing about either, even when Callum threatens to tell his boss he has been cheating on him. 9.00 Trial And Retribution (R,S). 3/10. Part one of two. A friend of DCS Walker, the well-known paediatric surgeon Jonathan Carlisle, is found dead. When Connor investigates, she discovers a recent operation performed by the doctor resulted in a girls death and that the surgeon had a restraining order issued against her grieving father. Victoria Smurfit stars. 10.00 News At Ten And Weather (S). 10.30 London News And Weather (S). 10.35 Trial And Retribution (R,S). 4/10. Part two of two. Details of Carlisles private life begin to emerge, leading to suspicions the truth may lie in his adultery -- but the death of Amber Webster could also play a part. Dorian Lough stars. 11.35 Red Rock West (S) (1992). A drifter is mistaken for a hitman and offered a hefty sum to carry out a double assassination. Thriller, starring Nicolas Cage, Dennis Hopper and Lara Flynn Boyle. 1.15 British Superbike Championship Highlights. The fifth round of the season from Snetterton in Norfolk. 2.10 Motorsport UK (S); ITV News Headlines. 3.00 Supernatural (R,S). 3.45 Loose Women (R). 4.35 ITV Nightscreen. 5.30 ITV Morning News (S). Victoria Smurfit 9pm, Trial And Retribution 10.30 Yesterday At Wimbledon (S). 11.30 Daily Politics (S). 12.00 Animal Park (R,S). 1.00 Wimbledon 2009 (S,HD). Sue Barker introduces live coverage of the ladies singles semi- finals. Coverage continues on BBC1. 3.25 Martha Speaks (S). 3.35 Raven: The Dragons Eye (R,S). 4.05 Ed And Ouchos Excellent Inventions (R,S). 4.35 Horrible Histories (S). 5.05 Newsround (S). 5.10 Trapped (R,S). 5.40 Shaun The Sheep (R,S). 5.50 Wimbledon 2009 (S,HD). Sue Barker hosts live coverage of the closing stages of day 10 at SW19. 6.00 Wimbledon 2009 continues. 8.00 Today At Wimbledon (S,HD). Highlights of day 10 at the All England Club. Dinara Safina faced Venus Williams in the hope of reaching her first Wimbledon final, with Williams looking to maintain her chances of a third successive title. In the other semi-final, Elena Dementieva played Serena Williams, with Serena aiming to reach the final for a second consecutive year. 9.00 Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire (S,HD). 5/6. The gang is ordered to light a beacon to warn resistance leaders that the Eye is about to be activated. 9.30 That Mitchell And Webb Look (S,HD). 4/6. Featuring the secret of the universe being revealed, a butler who has had a misunderstanding with his employer, and the wise words of a soothsayer in Pompeii. 10.00 Psychoville (S,HD). 3/7. A flashback reveals how Mr Jelly ended up with one hand, while Mr Lomax and the Crabtree sisters battle for the alligator. David and his mother dispatch their next victim, and Robert wreaks his revenge on Debbie during a matinee of Snow White. See Ben Felsenburg 10.30 Newsnight (S). With Kirsty Wark. Followed by Weather. 11.20 The Wire (S). 6/12. Avon initiates a war with Marlo, but is dismayed at the ineptitude of his own people. Colvin gives Carver and his men licence to use any force necessary to make the drug dealers relocate to the free zone, while Carcetti manipulates a councilman into joining the mayoral race. 12.20 BBC News (S). 2.55 Close. 4.00 BBC Learning Zone: Languages And Travel: Italy Inside Out 3-5. 5.30 Eurografters: Italy (S). Working abroad. David Mitchell 9.30pm, That Mitchell And Webb Look 11.00 Desperate Housewives (R,S,HD). 12.00 News At Noon (S). 12.30 Rescue Remedies (R,S). 12.40 My Place In The Sun (S). 1.10 Film: Witness For The Prosecution (S,HD) (1957). Courtroom drama, with Charles Laughton and Tyrone Power. 3.25 Countdown (S). With Matt Le Tissier. 4.15 Deal Or No Deal (S). Another contestant hopes to win big money. 5.00 Coach Trip (S). The tourists visit a puppet museum in Prague. 5.30 Celebrity Come Dine With Me (R,S,HD). Abi Titmuss is determined to impress with an exotic meal. 6.00 The Simpsons (R,S). 21/23. Mr Burns tries to improve his public image by bringing the Loch Ness monster to Springfield. 6.30 Hollyoaks (S,HD). Hannah (Emma Rigby) turns up at the SU Bar with a singer, claiming she wants to accompany him to Denmark. 7.00 News (S). 7.55 3 Minute Wonder: Art Against The Odds (S). 4/4. A print-maker looks for the big break he has been working toward since school as he enters the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Last in the series. 8.00 The Home Show (S). 7/11. Architect George Clarke helps a family suffering from a lack of space, even though 19 years have been spent on extension work. Plus, builders reveal the consequences of getting on the wrong side of unscrupulous workmen, and there are tips on how to make a property warm and cosy. 9.00 Gerrys Big Decision (S). 1/3. New series. Gerry Robinson risks his own money to help struggling businesses. Each week, two companies must prove they are potentially profitable as Gerry tries to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each, and decide whether to invest. He begins with two couples who have built breweries. See Ben Felsenburg 10.00 Big Brother (S). Highlights from the housemates past 24 hours inside the Big Brother compound as cameras observe their every move. 11.10 TNT Show (S). 4/12. Jack Whitehall and Holly Walsh present an entertainment show taking an irreverent look at the weeks events, with sketches and special guests. 11.45 Derren Brown: Trick Or Treat (R,S). 4/6. The illusionists victim experiences what it is like to live on Londons streets as a madman. 12.20 Dubplate Drama (S). 1.20 Big Brother Live. 3.55 Bob And Margaret (R,S). 4.20 Dispatches: Terror In Mumbai (R,S). 5.15 Countdown (R,S). Emma Rigby 6.30pm, Hollyoaks 10.45 Trisha Goddard (R,S). 11.45 House Doctor (R,S). 12.15 House Doctor (R,S). 12.45 Five News (S). 12.55 Wordplay (S). Quiz show. 1.45 Neighbours (S). 2.15 Home And Away (S). Donna causes Irene to miss Lous funeral. 2.50 Wordplay Plus (S). Viewers take part in the quiz. 3.00 Film: Rest In Peace, Mrs Columbo (S) (1990). A woman holds the detective responsible for her husbands death, and turns her revenge on his wife. Crime drama, starring Peter Falk and Helen Shaver. 5.00 Five News With Natasha Kaplinsky (S). 5.30 Neighbours (R,S). 6.00 Home And Away (R,S). Donna causes Irene to miss Lous funeral. 6.30 Zoo Days (R,S). 14/20. The keepers at Colchester Zoo prepare a new sea lion display for the summer season, but the animals seem unwilling to co-operate during the rehearsals. Konnie Huq presents. 7.00 Five News At 7 (S). Isla Traquair presents a round-up of the days headlines from around the world. 7.30 RSPCA: On The Frontline (R,S). Pam is on patrol at an agricultural show when the event is struck by tragedy, while Nic is called out to deal with a nest of snakes in a shed. Meanwhile, Amanda tries to save a hedgehog with a head injury. Followed by Five News Update. 8.00 Megastructures (S). The owners of the New Frontier casino hotel in Las Vegas want their historic building demolished to make way for a new multimillion- dollar complex. A family-run demolition company is overseeing the project and needs to carefully plan the operation to avoid damage to its surrounding buildings. Followed by Five News At 9. 9.00 The Mentalist (S). 15/25. The CBI team investigates when a socialite is killed at a party, and a napkin bearing a malicious message is found at the scene. The trail of evidence leads Patrick to a womens country club, once headed by the victim, where a succession of secretive board-members provides him with multiple suspects. Simon Baker and Robin Tunney star. 10.00 Law And Order: Special Victims Unit (R,S). 19/25. The bomb squad is called out to deal with a suspicious suitcase found on a school bus -- but it proves to contain the body of an eight-year- old beauty pageant princess. The detectives investigate her murder, and find themselves on the trail of a convicted sex offender with known dealings in pornographic websites. 11.00 Law And Order: Criminal Intent (R,S). 15/23. An uncompromising, no-nonsense food writer is murdered, and suspicion falls on the owner of a restaurant whose cuisine she was about to criticise in a scathing review. 12.00 Quiz Call. Interactive game show. 4.00 NFL Classic (R). Action from a memorable American football encounter. 4.45 Wildlife SOS (R,S). The work of an animal sanctuary. 5.10 Neighbours (R,S). 5.35 Home And Away (R,S). Simon Baker 9pm, The Mentalist Millers Crossing Film4, 1.40am (1990) WHY do TV programmers schedule such great films so late at night? Especially this film, which demands more than a tired mind to keep up with its snappy dialogue and twisting plot. Gabriel Byrne, above, is Tom Reagan -- a thinking mans gangster and adviser to crime boss Leo (played superbly by Albert Finney). Can they survive an all-out gang war? Notting Hill ITV2, 10pm (1999) RICHARD CURTIS is clearly an environmentally conscious writer -- he loves to recycle a lot of ideas. Awkward situations, self-deprecating humour and British eccentricity all resurface here, and the good news is they are still funny. Julia Roberts is a straight-talking Hollywood star, Hugh Grant (above with Roberts) is foppish, and Rhys Ifans is Welsh. Collateral Film4, 9pm (2004) TOM CRUISE, above, is supposed to be a hitman who hires a cab to take him around to five different contracts in one night. Jamie Foxx is supposed to be his cab driver who has to find a way of getting away without a bullet in the back of the head. The trouble is that its hard not to watch the film and simply see Tom and Jamie being Tom and Jamie. Rambo: First Blood ITV4, 10pm (1982) JOHN J RAMBO is one man trying to find his way in the world. He has seen mans inhumanity to man in the hellholes of Vietnam. Hes watched his buddies die face down in the mud. And for what? So he can be pushed over the edge by some no-good cop in Jerkwater USA? Sorry, I get very emotional... Stars Sylvester Stallone, above, and Brian Dennehy. index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html