Wednesday, 1 July 2009 London Lite Subject to status and availability. Free Samsung S5600, unlimited texts and 200 minutes when you connect to Dolphin 20 on a 24 month contract which will be charged at 19.57 per month with the current VAT rate at 15%. Price subject to payment by Direct Debit and non-itemised billing. Unlimited texts are for standard person to person UK texts sent within the UK and are subject to a fair usage policy. Minutes and texts do not rollover. Any network anytime minutes can be used within the UK to call UK networks and standard UK landlines (those beginning with 01/02/03) and your Orange Answer Phone. Calls to freephone numbers (0800, 0808 and 0500) and non geographic numbers (0845 and 0870) are not included in bundle and will be charged at 14.7p per minute and 19.6p per minute respectively. Out-of-bundle calls are subject to a minimum call charge of 4.9p and will be charged at 19.6p per minute for calls to standard UK landlines (those beginning with 01/02/03), Orange mobiles and calls to other UK mobile networks. Call to your Answer Phone charged at 11.7p per minute. Calls to 07 call forwarding services, 070 and 08 and 09 numbers are not included in bundle and will be charged at up to a maximum of 19.6p per minute, 53.8p per minute, 53.8p per minute and 1.66 per minute (or per call for 09 numbers). See the current price guide for details at Pay as you go: minimum top-up 10. other terms apply. Full terms at visit your local Orange shop or only on Orange the Samsung S5600 Range entertain yourself with: easy to navigate touchscreen, ideal for browsing slim, stylish display free when you choose Dolphin 20 on pay monthly also available on pay as you go World at a glance I did it to protect Mum Defensive: Ronaldo in Lisbon yesterday DischargeforgayGIwhocameout A US militAry board has recommended an openly gay National Guard officer should be discharged for violating the militarys dont ask, dont tell policy. lt Dan Choi, 28, an iraq combat veteran, said it amounted to firing him for nothing more than telling the truth about who i am. the recommendation still has to be approved by high-ranking officers before mr Choi is finally discharged. DeadlineforHondurascoupleaders the Organisation of American States says honduran coup leaders have three days to restore deposed President manuel Zelaya to power. OAS secretary-general Jose miguel insulza said honduras risks being suspended from the group if the military coup leaders do not comply. mr Zelaya was ousted on Sunday but plans to go home and seek restoration of his authority. Thepitfallsofalightlunch... A CONteStANt got through to the next round of Americas Got talent by apparently eating a glass light bulb. Chris Allison, 42, left the stage with what looked like blood pouring from his mouth after wolfing down the bulb. Judge Piers morgan said: im a big fan of this kind of thing. Other stunts performed by the comedian, known as Coney island Chris, on youtube include catching his hand in what looks like a high- powered sprung animal trap. Bushtuckerbabyweighsinat13lb ONe of Australias largest babies has been born, weighing 13lb. Chelsea rose mackay, twice the size of an average baby, had to be delivered by caesarean because she was so big. her first-time mum Danielle said it could have been down to her bushmans tucker diet of really hearty meat and veggies. Freezing eggs to put off babyis con trick By georgina littlejohn Stunt: Allison nA SIMPLE blood test could prevent couples spending thousands on unsuccessful IVF treatment. Scientists have found indicators in the blood which can predict whether fertility treatment will be a success. ECont. from Page 1 FERTILITY clinics which offer women the chance to delay mother- hood by freezing their eggs were today accused of giving patients false expectations. IVF pioneer and broadcaster Professor Robert Winston said doctors were guilty of a confidence trick as the method will not guarantee a baby. He called for curbs and more research on the 5,000 procedure, after experts at the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology said freezing should be made more widely available. The number of women putting eggs on ice to delay motherhood has more than doubled. Freezing, offered in 41 clinics, was developed for cancer patients wanting to preserve their fertility. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the British Fertility Society said the chance of conceiving this way is only six per cent. Lord Winston, emeritus professor at Londons Imperial College, fears the lack of research. He said: Theres no child aged 30 from egg freezing so how do we know its safe? Picture of the day Handyman: hero construction worker Jason Oglesbee is suspended from a crane to pluck a woman to safety near a dam in the Des Moines river, Iowa. H following them. he added: When my mother is involved, then im sorry but i dont let anyone, i repeat anyone, harass her. i regret what i did, but i cant promise that i would not react in the same way again, because when my mother is involved it is difficult for me to keep a calm state of mind. ms Pardal said she had wanted to capture her idol on video instead of seeking an autograph from him. Portuguese newspaper Correio da manh reported that she had been treated in hospital after being injured by shrapnel. it said she had been in the car with her mother, but a rival newspaper claimed she was with a press photographer. the FiFA World Player of the year could now face charges for wounding and destroying property. ronaldo had been relaxing in the Portuguese capital ahead of his official unveiling for real madrid on monday. 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