SATELLITE Freeview Lite choiceFilm London Lite Wednesday, 1 July 2009 29 skypremiere skycomedy skyaction/thriLLer skyFamiLy skydrama skysci-Fi/horror skyscreen1/hd skyscreen2/hd tcm FiLm4 skyindie 6.30 Horton Hears A Who! Animated comedy, with the voices of Jim Carrey and Steve Carell. Made Of Honor. A man in love with his best friend tries to stop her marrying someone else. Romantic comedy, starring Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan and Kevin McKidd. Gone Baby Gone. A private eye returns to the tough neighbourhood he grew up in to find a missing girl. Crime drama, starring Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris. 6.05 Kindergarten Cop. With Arnold Schwarzenegger and Penelope Ann Miller. Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation. A man preparing to marry does not realise his fiances brother is plotting against him. With Josh Cooke and Greg Pitts. 9.50 Over Her Dead Body. A ghost sets out to sabotage her former fiancs burgeoning relationship with a psychic. With Eva Longoria Parker. 11.35 Fletch. With Chevy Chase. 5.30 Three 7.10 Dantes Peak. A geologist is convinced a volcano is about to erupt and races to save a town from destruction. With Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton and Elizabeth Hoffman. Saving Private Ryan. In the aftermath of the Normandy landings, tenacious American soldiers scour the battlefields of Second World War France in search of a missing infantryman whose brothers have been killed in the conflict. With Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. 11.50 Mr Brooks 6.25 Arctic Tale. Documentary on Arctic wildlife. Narrated by Queen Latifah. The Simpsons Movie. Springfield faces destruction after Homer attracts the wrath of the government. Featuring the voice of Dan Castellaneta. The Grinch. A grouchy creature plots to ruin Christmas and seasonal good will for the Whoville town residents. Fantasy comedy, with Jim Carrey and Taylor Momsen. 11.20 Baby Geniuses. Comedy, starring Kathleen Turner. 6.15 Wah-Wah. Coming-of-age drama, with Nicholas Hoult and Emily Watson. Lions For Lambs. Focusing on the effects of the Wests war on terror. Directed by and starring Robert Redford, with Tom Cruise, Michael Pena and Meryl Streep. 9.40 Whats Love Got To Do With It. The story of Tina Turner, from her unhappy years married to husband Ike, to her success as a solo artist. With Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne. 11.40 Sleepers. With Brad Pitt. 5.30 Barbarella. With Jane Fonda. 7.20 Wind Chill. Two students stranded on a remote country road during a winter storm begin to suspect they are not alone. With Emily Blunt. Cloverfield. A monster attack on New York is seen from the perspective of people on a rescue mission. With Michael Stahl-David. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. Four teenagers encounter a psychopathic family. With Rene Zellweger. 6.00 Runaway Bride. Romantic comedy, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Definitely Maybe. A father in the middle of a divorce tells his daughter the story of his life before marriage and how he met her mother. Comedy, starring Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin. Good Luck Chuck. A man suffers a curse that means any woman he sleeps with will meet their perfect partner afterwards. Comedy, starring Dane Cook. 11.50 The Rocky Horror Picture Show 6.20 Zodiac. Fact-based crime drama following the hunt for the serial killer who terrorised San Francisco in the late Sixties. With Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo. Die Hard With A Vengeance. Maverick cop John McClane engages in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a mysterious terrorist holding New York to ransom. Action thriller, with Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson. 11.15 The Mist. Horror, with Thomas Jane and Marcia Gay Harden. 4.40 The Madwoman Of Chaillot 7.10 This Woman Is Dangerous. The girlfriend of a gangster gets caught in the crossfire of a violent robbery. Romantic drama, starring Joan Crawford. Overnight Delivery. A jealous man sends an angry letter to his girlfriend then changes his mind and races against time to stop it being delivered. Comedy, with Reese Witherspoon. 10.55 Possession. Drama, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeremy Northam and Aaron Eckhart. Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow. An aviator and a reporter pursue an evil genius who has sent giant robots to attack New York. Sci-fi adventure, with Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow. The Italian Job. A crook double-crosses his partners-in-crime -- who form a daring plan to exact revenge. Crime thriller remake, starring Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron. 11.05 Sexy Beast. Crime thriller, starring Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley. 5.00 Paris, Je TAime 7.10 The Lives Of Others. In Eighties East Germany, a secret service agent becomes obsessed with the couple hes been sent to spy on. Oscar-winning drama, starring Ulrich Muhe and Martina Gedeck. The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford. Western, examining the relationship between the legendary outlaw and a recruit to his gang who would ultimately betray and murder him. Starring Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck. movies 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm Lady GaGa, 7pm, BBc3 sheila hancock, 8pm, alibi tom cruise, 8pm, sky drama rob morrow, 9pm, itV3 reese Witherspoon, 9pm, tcm nicky campbell, 10pm, Blighty skysports1 skysports2 skysports3 skysportsxtra eurosport espncLassic Live Darts. The opening day of the Las Vegas Classic at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, where 16 qualifiers join the PDCs top 12 players and four North American pre-qualifiers in the first round. Phil Taylor won the title for the fourth time in seven years with his victory in the final over James Wade last year, winning 13-7 to succeed Raymond van Barneveld as champion. Time Of Our Lives. Former Rangers stars look back on their time with the club. British Motocross Championship. The fourth round of the season from Hawkstone Park. Cricket. England Lions v Australia. The days play in the match at New Road in Worcestershire. This was the final fixture for the tourists ahead of the First Test against England in Cardiff. Boots n All. Eddie Hemmings and Mike Stephenson review the weeks action. NFL: Total Access. All the latest news surrounding the high-profile world of the NFL. Show Jumping. Highlights of the third Nations Cup event of the season from St Gallen. Boots n All. Eddie Hemmings and Mike Stephenson review the weeks action. Powerboating. Highlights of the second round of the P1 World Championship in Turkey. Transworld Sport. Focusing on mainstream activities and minority interest events. Ten Pin Bowling. Highlights from the 12th staging of the World Ten Pin Masters. Best Of British Motorsport. Action from a variety of disciplines around the country. PGA EuroPro Tour Golf. Action from the fourth event of the season at Bovey Castle in Devon, featuring some of the most promising youngsters in the country. Watersports World. Highlights of aquatic activities from across the planet. Ocean Adventures. The latest surfing events. Total Rugby. Recent rugby union matches. Olympic Magazine. The Olympic movement. Wednesday Selection 7.35 Polo. The Westchester Cup. The match between England and the USA. 8.35 Riders Club 8.40 US PGA Golf. The Travelers Championship. From Cromwell in Connecticut. 9.40 European Tour Golf 10.10 Golf Club 10.15 Sailing. The Korea Match Cup. 10.45 Yacht Club 11.05 Cavendishs Tour De France 2008. The story of Mark Cavendishs stage-12 victory. entertainment channels 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm discoVery nat.GeoGraphic history yesterday Bio BLiGhty eden sky1 VirGin1 BBc3 BBc4 itV2 itV3 itV4 e4 more4 LiVinG G.o.L.d. aLiBi comedycentraL Fx sci-Fi The Simpsons. Lisa turns vegetarian. The Simpsons. Lionel Richie serenades Homer. Noels Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old? Game show, hosted by Noel Edmonds. Martina Coles The Take. Little Jimmy is found dead at the hands of Little Freddie. Last in the series. Ross Kemp: A Kenya Special. In this one-off episode, the actor investigates the Mungiki, one of the most dangerous gangs in Africa. Miami SWAT. Documentary. The X Files. Mulder encounters a convict with deadly powers. Drama, starring David Duchovny. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Intergalactic environmentalists cause havoc. Criminal Minds. Several family homes are attacked by an arsonist. With Mandy Patinkin. The Unit. A lethal gas is released into the air, leaving the soldiers and their families trapped. Sexcetera. Featuring pornographer Matt Zane and an interview with Annie Sprinkle. Glastonbury 2009. Performance by Lady GaGa. Edith Bowman and Reggie Yates present. Make My Body Younger. A mother from Plymouth tries to get over her fear of fruits. Superman Returns. The Man of Steel returns to Earth to find Lex Luthor wreaking havoc with alien technology. Comic-book adventure, starring Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, Parker Posey and James Marsden. 11.25 Family Guy. Animation. 11.50 Family Guy World News Today The Pre Raphaelites: VictorianRevolutionaries Legends: Roy Orbison -- The Big O In Britain. Celebration of Roy Orbisons life and career. Summits. The first episode examines Chamberlains three attempts to talk Hitler out of a war over Czechoslovakia in September 1938. Climates. Premiere. An academic leaves his wife, but soon realises he does not want to live without her. Drama, with Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! USA. Myleene Klass announces the winner. Last in the series. Gossip Girl. Georgina is back on the scene and appears to be reformed. With Blake Lively. Unbreakable. A security guard learns he is invulnerable to injury, and a frail comic-book dealer claims to know why. Drama, starring Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson, Robin Wright Penn and Spencer Treat Clark. 11.10 Coronation Street 11.40 Thirteen. Drama. 6.55 On The Buses. Reg Varney stars. 7.25 Carry On Laughing. Historical romps. Monarch Of The Glen. Archie and Lexie announce their engagement. Numb3rs. The team investigates the case of a stolen Pissarro painting. Rob Morrow stars. Life. A man is crushed to death in a wrecking yard. Damian Lewis stars. 10.55 The Gathering Storm. Drama, starring Albert Finney and Vanessa Redgrave. The Professionals. Bodie and Doyle investigate an armed robbery and a kidnapping. Minder. An incriminating tape is mistakenly delivered to Daley Videos. George Cole stars. An Audience With Billy Connolly. The Big Yin descends on London to entertain a celebrity crowd. 10.05 Private Parts. Semi-biographical film charting the life of American shock-jock Howard Stern. The DJ plays himself, alongside Paul Giamatti and Mary McCormack. Hollyoaks. Jack offers Newts services. My Name Is Earl. Earl avoids a bully. Friends. Part one. Phoebes sister arrives. Friends. Part two. Rachel and Monica fall out. Van Wilder: Party Liaison. An eternal students father cuts off his allowance, forcing him to come up with a strategy to support himself. Comedy, starring Ryan Reynolds. 10.50 Russell Brand Doing Life 2007. Stand-up comedy. 11.50 A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila Grand Designs. An innovative scheme launched by a Birmingham housing association. More4 News. Alex Thomson presents. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Time Team. Tony Robinson and the crew visit Chenies Manor in Buckinghamshire. Henry VIII: Mind Of A Tyrant. Dr David Starkey traces the Tudor kings relationship with Anne Boleyn. 11.05 Dispatches: Terror In Mumbai. The Indian terror attacks of November 2008. Greys Anatomy. Izzie contemplates whether to undergo a risky surgical procedure. Greys Anatomy. George delivers shocking news that has repercussions for the entire hospital. Eleventh Hour. Dr Hood suspects his old enemy Gepetto has resurfaced. With Rufus Sewell. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. A prisoner bursts into flames while trying to escape. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The team searches for the abducted Sara. dinnerladies. Dolly gets in a flap about new uniforms. 7.35 Porridge. Fletcher and Godber while away a long night. 8.20 Only Fools And Horses. Uncle Albert has a nasty fall. Only Fools And Horses. Rodney wins a five-star holiday in Majorca. Nicholas Lyndhurst stars. Little Britain USA. Comedy sketches, with Matt Lucas. 10.35 Little Britain. The Fat Fighters welcome a celebrity. 11.15 Only Fools And Horses. Del visits the doctor. New Tricks. A camera belonging to a man murdered in 1987 are found in a Soho pub toilet. New Tricks. Sandra discovers a secret about her father. Ian McNeice and Sheila Hancock guest. Silent Witness. Feature-length episode. A horrific car crash poses troubling questions for Nikki and leads her to doubt the conclusions she made in an earlier investigation. Emilia Fox stars. 11.05 Judge John Deed. Jo receives a shocking request. With Jenny Seagrove. The King Of Queens. Part one of two. The King Of Queens. Part two of two. Scrubs. Carla goes into labour. Judy Reyes stars. Scrubs. Elliot tries to persuade Dr Turner. Two And A Half Men. Charlie is curious. Two And A Half Men. Berta causes tension. The Office: An American Workplace Sex And The City. Steve intends to open a bar. 11.05 Sex And The City. Carrie wants Aidan back. 11.40 Two And A Half Men JAG. Mikeys relationship with his room-mates sister creates tension at the Academy. NCIS. Part two of two. Gibbs continues to blame himself for Kates death. Mark Harmon stars. Family Guy. Meg goes out with a naturist. Family Guy. Lois meets a former boyfriend. ReGenesis. Rachel is worried about her son who has been attacked. Wendy Crewson stars. The Listener. Toby uncovers a conspiracy within a coroners office. Craig Olejnik stars. Knight Rider. Mike is poisoned while working undercover operation. Justin Bruening stars. Dungeons And Dragons 2: The Elemental Might. A sorcerer steals an orb that grants him great power, so a band of heroes unites to defeat him. Adventure sequel, starring Bruce Payne. Odysseus And The Isle Of The Mists. The Greek hero journeys into the land of the dead to face an evil vampiric goddess. Adventure, starring Arnold Vosloo. 11.50 Mimic: Sentinel Mythbusters. Two controversial legends spanning 500 years of locomotive history. How Do They Do It? The making of trains. How Does That Work? Soda fountains. 20th Anniversary: Viewers Top Five. The five most popular Discovery shows ever made, chosen by viewers to celebrate the channels 20th anniversary. Whale Wars. Radical environmentalists the Sea Shepherds pursue a Japanese whaling fleet. Cleopatra: The Last Pharaoh. Experts create a profile of the Egyptian ruler. Super Weed. Documentary examining marijuana, a drug that contains 400 active chemicals. Gun Nation. Documentary exploring the growing gun culture in America. Banged Up Abroad. A man who was imprisoned in Venezuela for smuggling drugs. Megafactories. The production unit responsible for creating the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Extreme Trains. The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baileys circus train. Britain BC. Archaeologist Francis Pryor investigates the Roman invaders predecessors. Inside The World Of Henry VIII. Documentary exploring the monarchs homes. Britains Lost Mega-Fortress. Mark Olly looks at Europes largest Roman military garrison. Extreme Trains. The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baileys circus train. Poldark. Ross refuses to become Truros parliamentary candidate. Robin Ellis stars. Battleplan. The use of aerial battle in military conflicts, including the Battle of Britain in 1940. Tales From The Green Valley. A meal is created. Tales From The Green Valley. Building a toilet. Love And War. How a veteran beat shell shock. Love And War. Sussex land girls recall the war. Poldark. The Rev Whitworth is confronted by temptation. Christopher Biggins stars. Strip Search. The men perform in a video. Strip Search. The men face a photo shoot. The Chris Isaak Hour. American pop-rock group Chicago talk to the host about their careers. Barry Manilow: Songs From The 70s. The singer performs hits including Mandy and Copacabana. Donny And Marie Osmond. A look at the careers of the singing siblings. Donny Osmond: In My Life. The star reveals his roller coaster showbiz career. Who Do You Think You Are? Actress Julia Sawalha traces her ancestry to Jordan. Dog Borstal. Robert Alleyne tackles a pair of canines driving their owner to distraction. Coast. The team travels along the coast between Holyhead and Liverpool. Who Do You Think You Are? Nicky Campbell traces his adoptive familys history. Cars, Cops And Criminals. Specialist police squads across the country tackle car crime. Wild Weather. The wettest places on Earth, from monsoon-hit areas of India to the city of Bergen. The Nile. Concluding part. The quest of 19th- century explorers trace the source of the river. Natural World. The life of an orphaned gorilla who became the leader of his troop. Tribe. Bruce Parry joins the Nenets on their annual migration across the Siberian tundra. Around The World In 80 Gardens. Traveling to India to visit the gardens of the Taj Mahal. factual 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm sPort 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm 6.45 Decade Of Great Matches 7.15 Test Match Legends. The 2005 Ashes series. 7.50 Rugby Union. South Africa v British & Irish Lions in the Second Test in 1997 at Kings Park Stadium, Durban. The Lions won the First Test. 9.25 An Aussie Goes Barmy. Hugh Jackman challenges a friend to infiltrate the Barmy Army. 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