This is Londons MESSAGEBOARDemail your views to or log on to 10 Tuesday, 30 June 2009 London Lite Should RBS have a suite at SW19? O UTRAGEOUS doesnt even begin to describe it. The Royal Bank of Scotland is now effectively national- ised, after the state had to bail them out. And yet they think its okay to spend 300,000 on a Wimbledon hospitality suite for their fat cat pals to quaff champagne and scoff down fine food while dozing through the tennis. This has no commercial justification and is utterly indefensible. Why wont the Government step in and tell RBS to stop wasting our cash? Trevor, Greenwich Im A marketing manager and I can tell you that corporate entertainment is, in fact, one of the weakest methods of developing business. If this really is about business development then they would have been better off spending their money elsewhere on campaigns and activities that would give them a bigger bang for their buck... or actually, make that the taxpayers buck. Barry, Surrey I hAvE a customer relationship manager who deals with my RBS account. Ive emailed him to ask where my invitation is to the hospital- ity suite at Wimbledon. Strangely, so far, no reply. Brian Thompson, London ThE most damning fact is that the bank tried to keep it secret. By remov- ing its name from the lounge sponsor listings RBS was arguably admitting it was acting unethically. F England, BR6 RBS should provide hospitality to all the shareholders it ripped off through its spectacularly bad management. Amy, Manor House AS RBS is publicly owned it should publish which guests attended. I wonder if Fred The Shred sneaked in? Daisy, Battersea IF ThE hounding of RBS continues itll never return to profitability. We should pay the RBS directors a lot more. Pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Thomas, London cORPORATE hospitality prawn sarnie- eaters ruin every event they attend. Martin Bideau, Southwark WhAT about the ordinary tennis fans who queued overnight with their slee ping ba gs and still couldnt get to see any of the cham- pionship action? many of those people, the life- blood of the sport, have probably s av e d u p f o r months to buy a t icke t bu t , a s usual, the fat cats are parachuted in, no problem. I won- der how many of them even really like tennis? Naz, Hampstead Wasting our cash away at WimbersLuxury: free dining in the RBS Wimbledon hospitality suite Were Blur better than Bruce? they were both amazing. Bruce Springsteen proved hes the Boss when it comes to passionate rock. Blur, with singer Damon Albarn, pictured, delivered a truly rousing set of Britpop classics. All I know is music doesnt get any better than this years Glastonbury. Rebecca, Willesden hAvInG seen Bruce and the e Street Band seven times I can say he just gets better and better. Im sorry, I cant say the same of Blur. they shouldnt have come out of retirement. Terence, London We Dont need has-been near 60-year-olds banging out a marathon set when we have Blur. they still sound fresh and have lots of new ideas. When did Bruce last have a hit to boast of? D Askew, W12 If there was any doubt Glasto is the best festival in the world, this year killed it. Acts dont come bigger than the Boss or more exciting than a reformed Blur. And we had em back-to-back! Kerry, Angel lovely to see the new-look Sophie Anderton. The model looks happy and healthier than in years. Being a size 8 instead of a size 6 really suits her, and its a great signal to everyone else to be comfortable in our bodies as they are. Hannah, Wandsworth In lIghT of the current crisis in Iran, the shameful enforced media blackout and the many deaths and shootings, where are those who demonstrate in the streets of london for peace and human rights? Jack Ridgway, London And another thing... Smiles better: the new- look Sophie Anderton IstheroofgoodforWimbledon?Areyouenjoyingorenduringtheheat? Textpoll Q: Should MPs have a code of conduct? OurlastresultShould local residents get council houses first? YES 93% NO 7%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. See Text LL POLL YES or LL POLL NO followed by your first name and postcode to 65400or at gIrl on train eating baked beans from the tin out of her designer bag: did the bag cost so much that you cant afford anything else for dinner? Gilly, Billericay dId anyone see the two strange shapes hovering over what looked like the london Bridge area, Sunday around 9pm? Intrigued, Se1 drIver on the 17.33 to Chingford announced that the train was arriving at highams Park and could all those with fake tans get off now. Non Tango, IG8 geTTIng married in october and struggling for first dance songs. Any ideas (no cheese please)? ellie, Herts Angry (Txts, Mon): please describe yourself. After your outburst against men in vests, if I happen to see you on the train Ill make sure I plait my armpit hair for you. Better? Mark, DA8 BoyS! Ignore Angry. let your armpits show. I think its darn sexy. Nita, SW16 SerIouSly, people -- london is going to hit 32C this week, its safe enough not to wear your coat!! Kristel, SW1 develoPIng bit of a gambling habit. It started with the horses, but now anything goes! Think that I blame the credit crunch. Advice please! Dottie, Dartford ellIe h (Txts, Mon): london men have a couple of weeks a year to see lovely ladies in skimpy dresses, dont ruin it for us. Ogol, London jIlTed (Txts, Mon): revenge after being dumped by live-in boyfriend by text? Say youll be out for him to come and collect his stuff, and wait in, hell hate confrontation. or pack everything nicely for him, hell wonder why youre so calm! CJ, HA4 roB (Txts, Mon): why do the english feel the need to wear trousers all year round? no doubt to hide those pasty legs. Aussie shorts and flip-flops make sense in summer. Phil, e11 AS A yorkshire lad whos currently working in london, please tell me why no one talks to each other socially outside of a bar or pub. Lee, Barnsley dArCy (Txts, Mon): I saw a man on lombard Street on Monday morning wearing a full suit, winter coat and scarf! Shellsuit, CM2 Andrew (Txts, Mon): I think that the bloke from the swine flu public health information poster is definitely Peter Crouch... and thats not a tall story! Pete, Canterbury The jAvelIn, Britains first high-speed domestic train (Lite, Monday), was one minute early arriving at St Pancras from Ashford. So why was 6.58 from Ashford to Cannon Street 25 minutes late?! Bonita, TN24 Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. 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