IN&OUTTONIGHTDIGITALCHOICE &PLANNER 24 Monday, 29 June 2009 London Lite PAy PER vIEw Gran Torino (2008) Sky Box Office Digital Hardened war veteran Walt leads an isolated existence. When a teenager tries to steal his car, he ends up trying to reform the thief, forming a connection with the boys family and defending them from the street gangs in their neighbourhood. drama, directed by and starring Clint eastwood. Sex Drive (2008) Sky Box Office Digital Teenager Ian meets a woman on the internet who agrees to deprive him of his virginity. To reach her, he steals a car and embarks on a trip across america. Comedy, starring Josh Zuckerman. BEST MOvIES Trading Places (1983) Sky Comedy, 8pm TWo billionaire brothers engineer the downfall of a high-flying stockbroker, while giving a homeless conman all the advantages of wealth, as part of a bet to see whether heredity or upbringing determines character. Comedy, starring dan aykroyd, eddie Murphy, Jamie Lee Curtis, ralph Bellamy, don ameche, denholm elliott and James Belushi. Double Jeopardy (1999) Sky Action/Thriller, 9pm a Man fakes his own death and frames his wife for murder, but after six years in prison she is released. Since she has already served her time, she has nothing to lose by really killing him -- but her furious mission of vengeance is complicated by a zealous parole officer determined to stop her. Thriller, starring ashley Judd. Double trouble: Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy star in the Eighties comedy Trading Places The Incredible Hulk (2008) Sky Screen 2/2HD, 9pm (HD) an experIMenT gone wrong leaves a scientist cursed to turn into a monster whenever he gets angry. He travels the world seeking a cure for his condition, while a ruthless general is determined to use him as a weapon. However, one of the soldiers under his command is set to undergo a terrifying transformation of his own. Comic book adventure, starring edward norton, Liv Tyler, Tim roth, William Hurt, Tim Blake nelson, Ty Burrell and Christina Cabot. Superhero Movie (2008) Sky Comedy, 10pm a HIgH-SCHooL student develops bizarre powers after being bitten by a radioactive dragonfly, and decides to become a costumed crimefighter. But his abilities are put to the test when a mad scientist embarks on a deadly scheme to become immortal. Craig Mazins comedy sending up comic book movies, starring drake Bell, Sara paxton, Christopher Mcdonald, Leslie nielsen, Brent Spiner, Jeffrey Tambor, robert Hays, Tracy Morgan, Sam Cohen and pamela anderson. BEST ENTERTAINMENT The Simpsons Sky1, 8pm MeMBerS of the family appear as characters in a trilogy of classic tales. Bart plays Hamlet trying to avenge his fathers death, Lisa pits the French against the english as Joan of arc, and Homer acts the part of Ulysses in the odyssey. Gavin & Stacey BBC3, 9pm HapLeSS Uncle Bryn organises a special treat for gwens birthday. However, his supposedly covert actions do not go as unnoticed as he would like. Meanwhile, Stacey tries to summon up the courage to tell gavin of her decision. Family Guy FX, 9.30pm peTer and Lois attempt to get Chris interested in other activities when he reveals he wants to join the army, while Stewie decides to enlist himself and Brian after he sees the guns he can get his hands on. Chuck Virgin 1, 10pm BryCe LarkIn returns with news that Fulcrum has hired a software magnate to decrypt the classified information stored on a stolen chip. Surprise party: Rob Brydon stars in Gavin & Stacey BEST DRAMA JAG FX, 7pm a MarIne helicopter pilot intervenes in a hostage situation and manages to resolve the crisis -- but finds himself under investigation for his efforts. david James elliott stars. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Living, 8pm a rare-Book restorers body is found locked in a cage, and the only witness is an autistic employee. Ultimate Force ITV4, 9pm a SeLeCTIon exercise involving three gruelling days of combat survival in the Welsh mountains turns into a nightmare for red Troop when one of the 10 remaining recruits dies. My Own Worst Enemy Sci-fi, 10pm (HD) edWard falls victim to a double-cross when he travels to Mexico in search of russias newest nuclear bomb. BEST FACTUAL BEST SPORT World Superbikes Eurosport, 7.15pm aCTIon from both races in the ninth round of the season, held at donington park. Troy Bayliss, right, and ryuichi kiyonari were successful on this circuit last term; Baylisss win was his eighth of the year and helped him to his third world title. Timewatch BBC4, 10.30pm THe inside story of how Concorde overcame all odds to become the fastest passenger plane in the world. Featuring interviews with former pilots, engineers, cabin crew and celebrity devotees david Frost and Henry kissinger, who pay tribute to their favourite mode of transport. 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