IN&OUTTONIGHT STARS & PUZZLES PUZZLES&FUN2 36 Friday, 26 June 2009 London Lite Intheright-handpicture,Sophiesdressislonger,apurplestriponher tophaschangedtogreen,thereisanextraredstrip,thestrapismissing fromthefigureinthebackgroundandtheumlauthasmoved As a Libra and somebody who craves harmony, you do all you can to avoid upsetting others. Ironically, however, your efforts to sidestep certain issues have caused more confusion and discord than even the most forthright of discussions would have done. Address this frankly now and your life will be a whole lot easier. There are no instant solutions for the dilemmas youre facing. Theyre far more complex than you realise, so resolving them will require patience and creativity. Begin now and, while it may sometimes seem an uphill struggle, by early July youll be amazed how much youve achieved. Now that it has been nearly four weeks since your ruler Jupiter formed the first of this years three extraordinary aspects to the visionary Neptune, youre beginning to understand how far-reaching the changes could be. Begin making plans, but keep things loose, as theyre bound to evolve over the coming months. At the time, you felt cornered by circumstances. But reviewing an extremely difficult situation earlier this week, you realise it was just a battle of wills between you and somebody nearly as stubborn as you are. Now that you know that, you can go back and start to put things right. The time has come to be frank about your concerns regarding the behaviour of one particular individual. Everybody, including you, has been pretending theres nothing wrong. While that might be true, the simple fact that theyre completely unwilling to discuss this suggests something is amiss. Sort the problem out now. Certain individuals have shown no interest in potentially life-changing developments. This doesnt mean they havent noticed or are unmoved by whats taking place. They just dont know how to react. Make a few discreet suggestions and their response will please and surprise you. Saying no to somebody you care about is always tough, even if its for the best. This isnt just important now, as, with so much in transition, you really must make it clear whats acceptable and what isnt. Then, as circumstances evolve, there will be no need for further discussion. Having unsuccessfully struggled with solutions, youre wondering if certain plans are doomed. Whats been organised isnt the problem, its that youre relying on individuals who have no sense of responsibility. Yet youre still making excuses for them. It will cost you eventually in terms of both time and money. Youve reviewed persistent difficulties again and again, hoping youd find an answer. Actually, youre unlikely to discover the necessary breakthrough on your own. Youll need to do some serious brainstorming, ideally with individuals whose emotions arent as engaged as yours are. There are minor disagreements. And then there are those youre currently facing, which are complicated by a blend of strong personalities and a shortage of hard facts. The solution isnt more information, but getting others to collaborate. If you can achieve that then, working together, youll find the facts you need. You dont deny being stubborn. Rather, you regard it as a virtue, to keep on pursuing what you believe in, even beyond the point where others would have given up. Now, however, in one particular situation, you realise youre fighting a losing battle. The longer you carry on, the harder it will be to regain your ground. Answer:jay-ms-mace-on(actorJamesMason) No 581 ACROSS 1. Calamity (11) 9. Bankruptcy (7) 10. Game of chance (5) 11. To correct (5) 12. Trenches (7) 13. Ridiculous (6) 15. Talented (6) 18. Vacation (7) 20. Of the sun (5) 22. Confine (5) 23. Passage (7) 24. News (11) DOWN 2. Nimble (5) 3. Apart (7) 4. Tramples (6) 5. Young bird (5) 6. Axe (7) 7. A little time later (5,1,5) 8. Thoughtful (11) 14. Wise man (7) 16. Moment (7) 17. Method (6) 19. The same (5) 21. Lariat (5) Yesterdays solution No 580 Across 1 Complete; 5 Acts; 9 Maze; 10 Alienate; 11 Civil; 12 Abusive; 13 Intentionally; 18 Together; 19 Jowl; 20 Outcome; 21 Queer; 22 Tune; 23 Astonish. Down 2 Oration; 3 Precise; 4 Talkativeness; 6 Cranial; 7 Scenery; 8 Return; 13 Introit; 14 Tighten; 15 Notion; 16 Adjourn; 17 Lawless.Answers on Monday STARSShelley von Strunckel Forecasts whats in the stars for you For your weekly in-depth forecast, call the number next to your star sign Aries Call 0906 650 5430 21 March-19 April Taurus Call 0906 650 5431 20 April-20 May Gemini Call 0906 650 5432 21 May-20 June Cancer Call 0906 650 5433 21 June-22 July Leo Call 0906 650 5434 23 July-22 August Virgo Call 0906 650 5435 23 August-22 September Libra Call 0906 650 5436 23 September-22 October Scorpio Call 0906 650 5437 23 October-21 November Sagittarius Call 0906 650 5438 22 November-21 December Capricorn Call 0906 650 5439 22 December-19 January Aquarius Call 0906 650 5440 20 January-18 February Pisces Call 0906 650 5441 19 February-20 March Libra Call 0906 650 5436 23 September-22 October Jonty Clark LiteCrossword Live Astrology: Now you can speak to one of Shelleys professional astrologers live. Call 09064 001016* for a one-to-one consultation with Britains finest astrologers. Or send a text with any question you may need guidance with. Text LITE (space) plus your date of birth and question to 87776.** Our gifted astrologers will send back an answer. Services are for entertainment only. *Calls cost 1.50 per min from BT landlines. Service open Mon-Sun 9am- midnight. All calls are recorded and regulated by ICSTIS. You must be 18 or over. Readings are for guidance only. **Text service available across all networks. Each message received costs 1.50 plus normal network charges. Helpline: 0845 270 8302. Service provided by Telecom Express Ltd, W1B 2AG. Splitpersonality Can you work out the name of the famous person from these pictures? Obviously youd rather not go through a repeat performance of clashes that have already caused considerable upset. However, the mood has changed. Instead of continuing to dwell on differences, if you focus on getting to the bottom of the issues, you could resolve them for good. If its your birthday at the weekend... SATURDAY Watching others make mistakes is difficult enough. But youve discussed these arrangements enough for them to be well aware of your concerns. They need your unconditional support. SUNDAY Unsettling changes would be easier to understand if you knew what you were dealing with. Organise everything, and regard plans as a work in progress. MONDAY Others lack of feedback makes you wonder if theyve got complaints. They have, but not about you. Proceed with your plans, using your instincts. Alteredimage Spot five differences in these pictures of singer Sophie Ellis- Bextor. Answers below Scribblepad ARIES 0906 8336 504 TAURUS 0906 8336 505 GEMINI 0906 8336 506 CANCER 0906 8336 507 LEO 0906 8336 508 VIRGO 0906 8336 509 LIBRA 0906 8336 510 SCORPIO 0906 8336 511 SAGITTARIUS 0906 8336 512 CAPRICORN 0906 8336 501 AQUARIUS 0906 8336 502 PISCES 0906 8336 503 Foryourmonthlyforecastcall: Calls cost 60p per minute. The astro-line horoscopes are updated every Friday index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html40.html41.html42.html43.html44.html45.html46.html47.html48.html49.html50.html51.html